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Restoring Our Feminine By Reclaiming Our Masculine – E12

‘There’s a great deal of focus to awaken The Divine Feminine. However, focusing on just one aspect of ourselves is limiting as it keeps us polarised. To restore our Divine Feminine – we must Reclaim our Divine Masculine.‘ Restoring our Divine Feminine by Reclaiming our Divine Masculine by Melanie Swan SHOW NOTES In this episode I discuss how Restoring our Divine Feminine is essential to the progression of our collective consciousness, to bring back balance into the foundation of our very Being. However, focusing on just one aspect of ourselves is limiting – as it keeps us polarised. Thus...

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A Woman’s Seat of Power Is Her Womb

A woman’s power source has always been with The Great Mother. Throughout history, mankind has sought to sever this connection because it’s essence is of the dark and the mysterious, the void beyond rational explanation. It is untamed, free, wild and uninhibited, both from social and moral conditioning.  We have become fearful of the power of the dark; the feminine that goes beyond the realms of ideas and fantasy. The system we are currently living with does not recognise our individual Spiritual Path and seeks to include everyone in the same mundane expression of life according to the constraints,...

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How To Energise The Womb Centre

We have a physical womb, and a metaphysical womb that is connected to a higher consciousness. When our womb space is clear enough and energized enough, we can begin to bring through new energy from a source that is beyond us. When there’s been a hysterectomy, the metaphysical womb is still present. Energising The Womb Centre Doing this practice for just 5 minutes a day to start with, will get you on your way to operating from your womb centre. Use it as a guide and follow your intuition, making adjustments to suit. Get comfortable in any sitting position, close...

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Men, Periods and our Collective Womb: Part 2 – E4

In this second episode of Men, Periods and our Collective womb I talk to Nichlas Pepe about men’s cycles, including men in the awakening of the true feminine and some other fun womb things! iTunes | Android | Google Play | Stitcher | TuneIn |...

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