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The Crucial Difference Between The New and Dark Moon – E15

‘There’s a lot of confusion around The Dark and New Moon phase. In this episode I talk about the difference and how we can utilise both phases for personal growth.‘ The Crucial Difference Between The New and Dark Moon by Melanie Swan The New Moon and Dark Moon are two distinct phases in The Moon Cycle.  However they are often confused, or thought to be the same thing. In this episode I clarify the difference between the two and give ideas and exercises for how you can key into the energy of both to support personal growth. ...

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A Dark Moon Ceremony With Free Guided Meditation

The Dark Moon is the one night in the lunar cycle when The Moon is not visible in the night sky. It’s the darkest night in the cycle. Nature is quiet, introspective and silent. Often when our menstrual cycle is attuned with the lunar cycle, we’ll be bleeding, or have just finished bleeding at this point. DARK MOON GUIDED MEDITATION Get comfortable and with your hands on your womb, prepare to feel the space within. So, as The Moon is dark – Void – so is our Womb. It’s not the time for mating or engaging with the outside world,...

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