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Totem Spirit; Owl

Owl is assisting us to come home to our body of wisdom, to work in the darkness and illuminate the sight of the loving huntress. Owl has long been a familiar of witches, goddesses and wise women due to it’s ability to see in the dark; that is into the dark of our Soul – beyond the veil of illusion that is our physical reality and false self. Owl sees past un-truth, nothing gets past it’s piercing gaze as it flies through the psyche, silently and without disturbing it’s surroundings. Contrary to the fear Owl induces in some organised...

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Totem Spirits for Healing: Badger and Earth Worm

Badger: The Determined Healer Badger never gives up until the root of the issue is found. This powerful aspect of creation assists us in persistently and steadily burrowing into the undergrowth of our psyche without giving up. That is healthy aggression. An animal of the earth, Badger helps us to stay grounded and keep going as we work through sensitive childhood wounding. Earth Worm: Regeneration and Detailed Examination Worm does the job nobody else wants to do. Worm gets down to the nitty gritty. Worm shows us that as we go through our stuff, we can in fact regenerate...

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Turtle Woman

I painted this picture last year and it was the original icon for my company Follow You Womb Heart. But then i connected with owl earlier this year and now she is the icon. This months medicine bundle in The Online Moon Lodge is Healing The Mother Line and the power animal is Turtle who swims up the mother line to bring fluidity and dissolve calcification of limiting beliefs passed down the line from the beginning of time. So I knew i no longer needed this picture i painted for Follow Your Womb Heart, but knew it was to do...

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Working With Spirit Animals – Podcast E0

Working With Spirit Animals by Melanie Swan In this – the very first Sacred Womb Podcast Episode – I talk about Spirit Animals, and the main one’s that are working with us on The Sacred Womb Site; Owl, Badger, Earth Worm and GrandMother Spider, and how you can connect and work with them. USEFUL LINKS Join The Sacred Womb Private Facebook Group. Join The Online Moon Lodge. Book a Healing & Coaching Session with...

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