The Dark Moon is the one night in the lunar cycle when The Moon is not visible in the night sky.

It’s the darkest night in the cycle.

Nature is quiet, introspective and silent. Often when our menstrual cycle is attuned with the lunar cycle, we’ll be bleeding, or have just finished bleeding at this point.


Get comfortable and with your hands on your womb, prepare to feel the space within.

So, as The Moon is dark – Void – so is our Womb.

It’s not the time for mating or engaging with the outside world, it is a time to look inwards. It’s a time to release what is no longer serving us and sit with the resulting space.

Many people miss out this step in the cycle of creation (manifestation).

We only need to look to nature to see that it is essential to prepare the ground before planting new seeds.

And this is what we’ll be doing in this Dark Moon Ceremony.

Sitting With Space….

Your Ceremony

Firstly, prepare for your ceremony by creating Sacred Space.

  • Play your favourite relaxing meditative music.
  • Write / draw those things, ways of being, coping, old relationships etc. that are no longer serving you.
  • Sit and look at them. Feel them. Feel into how they helped or supported you at some stage in your life.
  • Give thanks to each aspect, for they served you at some point. Really give genuine thanks.
  • Feel / summon as much pure love as you can, and surround the paper / those aspects in your love.
    This serves to acknowledge, dissolve, melt and clear your attachment to them*

Now you’re ready to meditate on The Void within.

(*In relation to people, this simply helps to clear what may be an entangled relationship, it doesn’t mean you’re cutting your connection.)

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Closing Your Ceremony

Simply give thanks for any support you feel you’ve received and take some deep, slow, long breaths.

Become more aware of your surroundings and if you have a candle burning, blow it out.

Take your time to slowly come to a state where you feel fully awake and begin to tidy away your tools and arrange the room as it would be in daily life.

The Dark Moon and The Menstrual Cycle

When we bleed, we are dissolving and breaking down that which is no longer needed. The unfertalised egg enters the womb space and starts to break down, which triggers the menstrual blood to release as well.

This breakdown and release is happening not only in our womb space, but in our whole being, emotional, as well as physically. 

That’s why we feel more emotion during Moontime, as we’re designed to release all that is no longer required on every level every month. As we fully engage with this process, allowing the old to drain away, our process of personal growth can gain momentum.

Wishing you a spacious evening.