When the 3 planets align (The Earth, Sun and Moon) as an intrinsic part of Creation, we also align (our Mind, Body, Spirit).

Put another way, our incarnated self tries to align with our core-self/essence.

Anything that is between these 2 energies as they try to align starts to get squeezed out…a bit like ice cream between 2 wafers.

When this happens, if we can stay relaxed, present, compassionate with ourselves…..the ‘stuff’ dissolves more easily

(think of the ice cream simply melting in the presence of the warm sun, that’s the warmth of our hearts)

If we, as we mostly do to some degree, feel uncomfortable and try to moderate the feeling process, the stuff squeezes out slower……

(think of the same ice cream between wafers starting to melt and then you put it in the freezer…)

this is what happens to our psyche if we tighten our breath, distract ourselves, judge ourselves etc.

However, thankfully there is help in the form of:

The Moon. Her Medicine is movement of the psyche, emotions, tides, water….and enlightenment of our shadow.

The Sun. His Medicine is growth, consolidation, providing food in the form of light for cells to multiply and thrive.

Together with Mother Earth, this triad of planets are set up, as is all of Creation, for evolution.

So, in the build up to the Lunar Eclipse – or alignment of planets – we are likely to feel a squeeze or intense period of growth in some way.

Think of it as one giant planetary scale clear out!

If we understand the wisdom and purpose of Eclipses, we can more easily attune with our inner world leading up to, during and afterwards, and let our old stuff / anything that is not True flow, without getting stuck in it, by thinking it’s real.

Using the ice-cream analogy again, it’s important to remember that…

we are the wafers – not the ice-cream!

Although, at some point, the ice-cream definitely helped us cope with life on Earth, in our families etc.

Eclipse Engagement Exercise

So, the advice from Spirit is to:

Embrace the pull of The Moon (go outside and moon gaze and open up to Her, Her magnetic pull will pull out the toxins from our psyche)…

..then sun gaze and open up to Him, His bright light will feed new life within us, and will multiply new young healthy cells, thoughts and feelings. Drink in the nectar light, literally feel it feeding you.

And finally acknowledge the Earth, of which our bodies are made and will return. This will help us to attune to what we physically need; eg food, exercise, water, sleep, care, nourishment.

The cycle of life is perfectly designed. All we need to do is remember and engage.

I’ve love to know how you get on with this, post in the comments below, Melanie. x

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