New beginnings are within and all around us.

The sunrise each day,

the first birdsong of spring,

and the crescent of silver light that is a new Moon – reminding us that the cycle of life continues.

Within the Universal cycle, we have the cycle of our own lives ~ birth, childhood, adulthood, elder-hood.

And within this, our menstrual cycle ~

new seed, gestation, fruition, birth/release.

This cycle of creation that we as women embody can be utilised not only for the creation of physical life, but also for releasing all that no longer serves us, and for the birthing of new consciousness.

The beginning of The Moon cycle is the optimum time to set our intention because it gets amplified as we’re engaging with the natural momentum of Creation.  

Opening Chant

A chant to the The East – the direction of a new moon cycle, of new beginnings. Sing along, drum, rattle, dance, go for it!

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Here’s a Ceremony and exercise to do, along with 2 Free Chants to open and close your ceremony.

Cycles & Ceremony

It’s important to remember the whole cycle, as ‘weeding the ground’ before we plant new seeds is often skipped over, and as such, our intentions may come to fruition somewhat confused or diluted.

Here’s a Dark Moon Ceremony and meditation to clear space.
*ps: if you’re new to this, the dark moon is the night before the new moon.

New Moon Ceremony & Exercise

Creating a time-space where we give particular focus to the process of setting a new intention can help us to gain clarity and work together with Spirit.

So here’s a suggested Ceremony; begin with a chant – I’ve recorded one for you to use…or you can of course create your own. Then set your intention, and close proceedings with another chant.

Intention Setting

Get clear about what you’d like to create or work on.

Examples of  intentions: wanting to heal X. booking an inexpensive plane ticket, creating a fantastic new job, doing something that takes you outside your current experience.

When working with Spirit, I personally ask that my intention is added to by a wider perspective to take me further than my current consciousness can conceive. 

This allows us to become open to the process of Co-Creation.

Once you’re clear, write your intention down then place your hands on your womb and put that new seed of thought within you. Then do all you can over the coming cycle to nurture that intention, and simply wait.

As the energy of your intention grows, it will begin to dislodge those thoughts/feelings within that are not a vibrational match.

So if you feel fears coming up around your intention not happening, your cycle is doing its job.

Welcome these fears, thank your cycle/deeper psyche for bringing them to your attention and aim to melt them in whatever way works for you.

Here’s a Unifying chant to close.
A reminder that all over the world, women are waking up to their true nature and are setting their intentions with you each New Moon.

Download your 2 Free Chants here >

Would you love to do regular Moon Ceremonies, heal yourself and awaken your Sacred Womb with like-spirited women?