Reclaiming The Divine Masculine


This is the introduction unit to The Divine Masculine Medicine Bundle in The Online Moon Lodge.

If you’re thinking of doing the Moon Medicine Woman Training, I encourage you to watch this video with your hands on your womb and see what happens, what moves.



We have become split from our True nature. That we are whole beings, manifestations of The Creator.

In this reality – or level of consciousness we perceive separation. Men, women, black, white, bad, good, spiritual, non-spiritual…

And in this array of experience, as women, we become out of touch with our true masculine nature.

It is however never gone. A more accurate description is ‘un-integrated’ or dis-owned.

What stops this integration is our perception, compounded by experience.

Our perception of the masculine is generally that of ‘Patriarchy’. Harshness, mis-use of power, rigid hierarchy.

But this is not the nature of the True, The Original, The Divine Masculine.

Our Divine Masculine nature is strong, supportive from the inside out, independent yet interconnected, and most importantly, when integrated, RESTORES our DIVINE FEMININE.

If we work to restore our Feminine nature only, we become polarised. Yearning for our counterpart. Which can be experienced as yearning for a male partner (or a women who embodies the masculine).

This can leave us feeling exhausted, never getting what we are yearning for. becoming dis-satisfied in our relationships as they simply do not fulfill that yearning.

To become whole, to restore our Divine Femininity, we must Reclaim our Divine Masculinity.

This Medicine Bundle is here to help you do so.

Will you take your place in the circle?