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The Sacred Womb

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Deeply Heal Your Womb &
Unify Your Divine Masculine and Feminine.


I’m Melanie, a Soul Worker and Womb Medicine Woman for women who want to come home to themselves and embody love.

I share down to earth guidance on healing womb-centered trauma, embracing your cyclical nature & living each day in alignment with your deepest wisdom – so that you can actually enjoy being a woman.

Through my podcast, training and 1:1 work, I have helped thousands of women to live in harmony with their menstrual cycle, dissolve trauma across their soul’s journey and restore trust in themselves and their bodies.

Join over 100,000 women around the world; listen to The Sacred Womb Podcast and revolutionise your relationship with your womb!

Melanie Swan

I believe it is every woman's birthright to experience the liberating truth of her divine design.


Soulful & Powerful
Feminine Wisdom

I love this podcast. Melanie is truly a joyous and humble steward of the work of the wild feminine divine. She is a connector of great wisdom and has bought so many women doing incredible work to the podcast to share resources. Thank you Melanie!!


The first woman I’ve heard talk about masculinity in women

Just want to say you’re the first woman I’ve heard that has talked about masculinity in women, how wonderful! Thank you. I love your podcasts, they’re so inspiring and I’ve learnt so much from them. I’m now in contact with my womb.


thank you!

I feel so much calmer and clearer as I get answer after answer to questions I thought had no answers. My life is blossoming before my eyes in wonderous ways. I am grateful for this feminine growth I feel. This love is strong.

popular episodes

The Root Cause Of Keeping One’s Self Small

The Root Cause Of Keeping One’s Self Small

Many women I come across talk of keeping themselves small. It’s one of the core wounds that women in particular struggle with. In this episode, Kim Barnard and I explore the 4 aspects that form the ‘root system’ that keep us living with tethers on our life force, and how to heal.

What Is Dissociation? with Gordon Barclay

What Is Dissociation? with Gordon Barclay

In this intro to dissociation, Gordon defines what dissociation is, why it’s there, how we can tell if we are dissociating and how we can start relating to parts of self that we are disconnected from.

Yoni Steaming 101 with Mama Luna

Yoni Steaming 101 with Mama Luna

Emma of Mamma Luna joins us to talk about Yoni steaming: how to set up, herbs to use, when to steam and how she came to make her gorgeous Yoni Steaming Thrones!

melanie swan

Melanie is an internationally renowned leader in healing the physical womb, restoring the metaphysical womb, and co-creating with the cosmic womb.

Currently in the kick-ass transition of peri-menopause, she loves doing absolutely nothing, having another Thai Massage – and following her creative flow in writing her first book, The Sacred Womb.

She spends her time between the gentle rolling landscapes of Devon UK, and the breathtaking beauty of Thailand.

Melanie Swan Womb Medicine Woman

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Healing The Divine Masculine


Understand and clear the ROOT cause of repeating patterns and subconscious beliefs in this life, past lives and generational lineages, to restore the relationship with yourself and The Source of All That Is.

Womb Healing Courses


Heal womb-centered trauma as well as core wounds that we carry as women, inc. reclaiming your Divine Masculine. Gestational Healing (the time in your mother’s womb) will recalibrate your attachment template.

Womb Healing Training


Lovingly crafted journeys to deeply heal your womb, process long held pain and embody your innate wisdom. Courses are online; inc live zoom workshops and guided womb healing practices.

womb healing training

Confidently support your clients to come home to their true nature, by healing their womb-centre, restoring a healthy menstrual cycle & embodying the true masculine and feminine.

This is for therapists, healers, mental and healing arts professionals with an adventurous spirit, who want to break from conformity and work creatively across the soul’s journey. 

The training modules; Shamanic Womb Healing and Unifying The Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine. 

Online and in-person options avaialable.