For The Arc Of Womanhood

Feel safe and welcomed from birth – valued as a woman – skilled in using the womb centre to navigate nature’s cycles – for full embodiment, creation & spiritual emancipation.


The Womb; The Void within has been in collective hibernation for long enough; inducing shame, imbalance, pain on all levels and estrangement from the body.

The time has come for us to remember our Sovereignty as Co-Creators, Visionaries and Birthers of New Consciousness. To renew our connection with Nature and The Great Mother.

What if the eternal ebb, flow and flood of our empowered feminine cycle brings us into our deepest Truth; balancing our health, relationships and communities – and the unwavering crystalline structure of our empowered masculine, activates our inner authority and ability to bring creation into physical form.

If this sparks a memory, a deep soul memory, read on. This space is for you. It is co-created with a consciousness that supports and guides us directly. It’s an ever evolving resource for us to utilise as we return to our seat of independent personal Power – The Sacred Womb.


Feel safe and welcomed in the world and fully in your body by completing your journey of birth here.


Repattern your first period & reclaim your maiden to recalibrate your whole menstrual cycle.


Use your cycle as a compass for personal development, creativity & spiritual emancipation.


Retrieve & integrate fragments of self, release bound up energy and own your true masculine to restore your true feminine – for full expression, inner authority, direction & ability to bring energy to form.


Continued Professional Development to facilitate dynamic, structured and powerful womb centered work. Workshops and Mentoring available for 1:1 and groupwork.


Professional training to deeply heal the womb and birth new consiousness for our current times.

Latest Podcasts

How I Got My Period Back with Lauren Henry

How I Got My Period Back with Lauren Henry

I talk to Lauren Henry on how she got her period back naturally after 6 years of amenorrhea. She’d received a diagnosis of Lyme disease and had tried multiple doctors, meditations and diets and then finally found the information that treated the root cause of all her symptoms and gave her clear direction on how to heal.