3 Ceremonies To Heal After Abortion

Finding Solace in The Cradle of The Great Mother

Abortion and pregnancy loss often have a painful effect, on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Even though the original decision feels right, there can still be disabling amounts of guilt and shame.

Healing life after this has happened takes place in The Cradle of The Great Mother, where we’re able to return to innocence.

Enter this compassionate and gentle healing space to alleviate distress, sadness, shame and grief; laying the path to self-compassion and peace. The soothing salve of The Great Mother enables the psyche’s natural healing process to unfold.

Here are guidelines for 3 ceremonies that are designed take you into The Cradle. You’re encouraged to try them and adjust them to suit you personally.

I recommend you keep it simple and take your time, experimenting with what works for you along the way.

You will be co-creating the ceremony as Spirit will join with your intention; going into deep healing space is not something you need to do alone. However you feel or sense Spirit is personal to you. Try to trust the process and know that you’re supported.

Do the healing ceremonies as many times as you need to. They are suitable for women who’ve had abortions, miscarriages and stillbirths, men who have experienced associated loss and for couples to do together.


Create Sacred Space and set your intention to gently ease into The Cradle of The Great Mother.

Read the following introduction;

‘Life exists beyond time and our physical world. The Soul lives on past the death of the physical body. When the spark of potential life on Earth is ignited (conception) a Soul is attracted. When this spark is not kindled, the Soul goes elsewhere. It is not harmed. There is no judgement from Spirit and the ever evolving greater circle of life continues.’

Next get comfortable, play some music (there’s a selection below) and try to relax and allow Spirit to support your passageway.

Once the music has ended, say a prayer of thanks and finish. If you wish, you could also draw or write about your experience.


This ceremony is for when you wish to go deeper.

Set up your Sacred Space and burn some incense. A soft, warm blend is helpful.

Set your intention to soothe your connection with the potential soul.

Light a candle for them and for yourself.

Get comfortable, play some music and put your hands on your womb.

During the music, or when it’s finished (whichever you prefer) try to communicate whatever you want to – to the soul.

Know that your intention and words are heard.

The Great Mother will hold you both throughout; you may feel the gentle rocking of Her cradle.

When you’re ready, close with a prayer of thanks and gently blow out the candles and try saying…..

We all come home to The Great Mother. 

Variation: Write a note to the potential soul before you start and keep it with you whilst listening to the music. If and when you feel appropriate, you could then burn the note and scatter the ashes in nature.


Self-judgement and self-punishment gradually erode away at our light. The impact of external judgements from society, the media and even friends and family can sometimes be difficult, but are often minimal compared to the way we judge ourselves.

If unprocessed, these sorrowful mixed feelings can manifest as physical illness, infertility and a myriad of contracted ways of being. For deep healing to occur, it is ourselves we need to forgive.

Each person’s path to self-forgiveness is unique. It can’t be forced or rushed. It’s a natural process that unfolds over time as we develop deep compassion for our human experience.

During this ceremony, you will once again be held in The Cradle of The Great Mother.

Set your intention to unburden yourself of self-judgement and begin to forgive yourself. 

Allow it to permeate every cell, tissue, bone and organ.

Allow it to flow through your veins around your physical body and emanate to the outer edges of your energy body; paying particular attention to your womb area, stomach and chest. It can help to put one hand on your womb and one hand on your chest.

You may experience yourself in The Cradle, or indeed feel wrapped in Divine arms.

Perhaps you feel love in these words…..they are written with love. 

Breathe deeply and slowly as the unconditional love melts pain on all levels.

Then when you’re ready to close, say a prayer of thanks.

Learning To Trust Yourself Again

If you had an abortion, or feel your miscarriage was due to you not wanting a child at that point; try to re-connect with the wisdom of your intuition and original decision.

Trusting yourself again and your intuition will be key in restoring your core strength.

A beautiful way to connect with this is to walk in nature with the intention to trust yourself. Putting your hands on a tree will anchor you into the earth, helping you back into your body.

This Yoga Nidra in nature is something you can do now to start the process of feeling and being in your body again.

You can also observe Creation’s ability to self-renew as you walk through the woods.


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Melanie Swan

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