9 Self-Care Practices For A Juicy Moontime

Taking time for ourselves at Moontime supports our physical health, emotional wellness and personal growth.


Anthony William, Medical Medium states in his book Thyroid Healing

‘At menstruation, 80% of our immune systems energy is diverted towards our reproductive system, and 40% at ovulation.’

That’s why women tend to be more susceptible to illness.

If we operate at the same speed and intensity during our period, our body-mind system is strained.

The antidote to this is to look what we can do to resource ourselves, to recharge our batteries and create a conducive environment for our body to do what it naturally needs to.

For some of us, this may come as a welcome relief – the joy of time for ourselves to go inwards and rest and reflect as our cycle completes.

However, it may also be uncomfortable to put our own needs first and drop the demands of the outside world.

But when we identify our needs and put them first, this says a big fat NO to the conditioning that women must be available and accommodate other peoples, especially the families needs before theirs.

During Moontime it is possible for us to release, reset and rest. With this, our system recalibrates – if given the space.

The energy of our next cycle is cultivated during Moontime. 

Here are 9 ways we can take great care of ourselves during our period.

It’s not a list of ‘things to do’ – these are ideas to help spark your own process of what feels good to you.

Schedule ‘Me Time’

Reserving time in your diary just for you to do whatever you want. This is a knock on effect during the rest of your cycle as you know you have that time coming up.

If you’ve made a commitment that you need to keep, try negotiating with yourself what is needed to support this appointment.

i.e. *with hands on womb* ok, I’ve got this appointment I need to keep. What can I do to take care of myself before, during and after.

I have found that our bodies usually know the answer, and it’s often really simple and clear.

If you have children and want some ideas to navigate some me time, this episode on how to look after kids and honour your cycle will be useful. 

If I have an appointment I want to keep during Moontime, I take extra silence before and after and also I don’t try to put a ‘happy face’ on during. I own that I’m in Moontime and that I’m present and taking care of myself at the same time.

I find that women can be surprised to hear this, but often respect it after the initial reaction and even go on to feel inspired to do the same.

Switch off The Screens

Time out from the outside world allows us to feel our inner world more. We also get distance from our lives and the space to reflect.

During our period our senses are heightened and if we try to interact as ‘normal’ we understandably feel overwhelmed, overstimulated and annoyed. 

The antidote is to allow our senses to move inwards.

Allowing those heightened senses the opportunity to turn inwards stops the overwhelm straight away. Then we can  practice being present with our experience.

As a guided, I try to spend 1 whole day during moontime off the screen. 2 days if it’s winter!

Prepare or Buy Food In Advance

Because of our heightened sensitivity, it can also sometimes be overwhelming to go outside the cave!

Getting food in beforehand and even preparing something like a big veggie casserole to graze on during our bleed can feel so nourishing.

We then have a choice if we go out or not. This choice I personally find very relaxing.

Create a Moontime Medicine Box

A box of treats and things just for you during Moontime!

Suggested things to include are a special journal, coloured pens, paper, clay, or whatever medium you like to work with. Personally I love oil pastels, I find them tactile and perfectly malleable for blending and ‘whooshing’ across the page.

Basically, include anything that encourages your imagination and creative expression if you feel inclined.

Essential oils are also great to include. Clary Sage, Lavender and Rose are moontime favourites.

You may also want to include special jewellery, a scarf or soft blanket.

The very act of creating this box and getting it out every period can feel really special and become a self-care ritual in itself. 

Set Up Your Moon Cave

Darken the room, this is your space, your cave for the next few days.

Have everything you need in there. Journal, music, creative mediums…anything you want to hand so that you don’t have to leave the cave.

This may take some negotiation with your partner, children, friends or child care providers. Even if you give yourself an hour of cave time, it’ll make a difference.

Get Comfy PJ’s

No need for an explanation! I love fleece pj’s even in summer!

Basically, anything you feel super comfortable and cosy in.

Reflect on the Last Cycle

Generally, we feel a natural inclination to reflect during Moontime.

The slower pace and increased head space lend to a reflective mood that helps us assess where we’re at, what went well and didn’t and how we can adjust our behaviour and lives in the next cycle.

A great way to reflect is to journal or draw what has happened during your last cycle and highlight what went well and what needs adjusting next time.

Utilised this way, our menstrual cycle becomes a compass for personal growth.

Do EXACTLY What You Want!

Whilst this post gives guidelines and ideas, the one person we need to listen to is ourselves.

This is your time, your body, and you will know what’s best.

If you feel like exercising, go for it.

If you feel like sleeping, singing, crying, silence, being hugged, seeing nobody, watching The Notebook, eating less, eating more……go for it!

This is your time out. Unique to you and what you need each cycle.

Re-engage Slowly

In our fast paced world it may be tempting to finish Moontime and get straight back out into the world.

Sometimes driven by a long list of things to do, or possibly guilt from having taking time for ourselves.

Self-care doesn’t end when our period has finished.

Yes, the tone of our cycle is created during our period, but then we also need to cultivate that energy, take care of it and not p*ss it up the wall straight away!

Coming out of the cave slow and steady, feeling our inner ground as we re-engage with our daily lives is a skill that I personally have simply had to develop over the years.

It is this skill of being able to tune into my pace, feel what I need and then follow up with aligned actions that has fundamentally helped me to stop burning out and operate in tune with my natural ebb and flow.

We can see this pace demonstrated in nature when bears leave their cave after hibernation.

They slowly feel the ground, their environment, staying close to their cave and conserving their energy.

This slow and steady re-entry from inner to outer world, is mirrored on the Wheel of Life from childhood to adulthood, which is all too often rushed.

Giving space for our natural pace in the first, Maiden phase of our cycle helps us to steadily reclaim the quality of daydreaming *essential for manifesting* as we dream our inspiration into being and our energy natural builds towards ovulation.

How does all of this land with you? I’d love to hear what you’re doing in Moontime to take care of yourself.

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