A beautiful river circling back around on itself, representing how cycles synchronise is nature, including our menstrual cycle.

Why Do Our Menstrual Cycles Synchronise?

‘We Bleed together so we can Create together. Heal together. See together. Weave together. Our blood time draws us together and into an altered state, amplifying our abilities to work with The Void and open that portal. We are a bridge into this reality for The Divine Feminine, The Great Unknown.‘ In this episode I share a channeled answer to … Read more

Podcast Interviews

I LOVE being interviewed and I’m delighted you want me on your show! Here are some topics I love to talk about – all menstrual cycle, trauma healing and women’s empowerment related. The menstrual cyclePeri-menopauseThe divine masculineThe myth of the inner criticWhy feminine rising is keeping us stuckThe power of rest during our periodsHealing multi-dimensional traumaWhat is womb healingHealing the … Read more