Menstrual Cycle Tracker

Menstrual Cycle Tracker

A high resolution menstrual cycle tracker PDF to print at home and track your cycle.

The cycle tracker features;

  • 28 segments to track each day of your cycle
  • an outer ring to record your cycle day
  • an inner ring to record a colour to represent your essence each day
  • another ring to record the date
  • space to write the message from your womb / self care for the day
  • the moon phase for you to fill in when you want to track the interaction between your menstrual cycle and the moon cycle
  • space around for extra notes
  • gorgeous artwork by Helen Burt of Hellies Goddesses.
Exercise in tune with menstrual cycle

How I Exercise In Tune With The Menstrual Cycle

For years I thought I just wasn’t very good at sticking to an exercise plan. Then when I started tracking my menstrual cycle, I noticed that I was more able to do AND enjoy certain exercises at certain times in my cycle.

How To Track Your Menstrual Cycle

How To Chart Your Menstrual Cycle

I explain how to utilise The Sacred Womb Cycle Tracker to connect with your Womb and essence for the day – so that you can align your outer actions with your inner world.

Honouring Your Menstrual Cycle When You Have Children

How To Look After Kids AND Honour Your Menstrual Cycle

The shift in gear during the pre-menstrual phase of our cycle means we need more time + space for ourselves – which can have our kids feeling a loss or lack of connection. Here are my top tips for creating ‘me time’ that both resources you and has your child feeling safe and connected.

A beautiful river circling back around on itself, representing how cycles synchronise is nature, including our menstrual cycle.


‘We Bleed together so we can Create together. Heal together. See together. Weave together. Our blood time draws us together and into an altered state, amplifying our abilities to work with The Void and open that portal. We are a bridge into this reality for The Divine Feminine, The Great Unknown.‘ In this episode I share a channeled answer to … Read more

An opening rose, representing the realisation of in intention set at the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

How To Manifest With The Menstrual Cycle #7 REALISATION

When we connect with and track our cycle and do the work, our intention will come to fruition. However, it may not – and probably won’t come as we expect, so our job is to be patient and remain as open as we can to the natural, expansive Creative potential of The Collective Womb.

How To Manifest With The Menstrual Cycle #5 ACTION

‘Aligned Action is taking action that’s aligned with our Intention. Sounds easy! That is until we’re going outside of our comfort zone and our old habits kick in.’ In this podcast I discuss This fifth phase of Creating with our menstual cycle. The phase in which it’s time to take not just action, but aligned action! Easier said than done … Read more