Womb Healing Meditation

Womb Healing Practice

A guided practice to heal the womb.

Medicalisation, intrusion and objectification of a woman’s reproductive system can have us unknowingly less connected to our own body. This often leads to a loss of trust and ability to guide our own healing from within.

Healing our womb involves claiming and feeling all parts of our womb centre; the ovaries, fallopian tubes, womb, cervix and yoni as parts of us, parts of our body for which we have ownership and Sovereignty.

This guided womb healing meditation will help you connect with and feel your womb centre again as you name, reclaim and integrate each part of your Womb Centre.

This is a very powerful practice that will move old emotional charge, increase energy, sensation and intuition and have you feeling more at home in your body. 

Sacred Womb Podcast with Melanie Swan

Stress, Trauma & Womb Healing Appointments

All sessions are conducted online via Zoom, you will receive a unique link on booking. If you don’t see a time on here that you can do, email me on melanie@thesacredwomb.com and I’ll see what I can do. Session fees are £60 per hour. Make sure to SELECT YOUR TIMEZONE after you have selected the relevant option below.

Super Moon Womb Healing Meditation


The Super Moon is an opportunity to accelerate our personal growth by getting into our bodies, retrieving wisdom and letting The Moons magnetism pull out fear.

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