About Melanie & The Sacred Womb

Melanie Swan is a modern Medicine Woman, Womb Witch and Shamanic Healer.

She helps women to heal their metaphysical Womb (The Epicentre of Empowerment), dissolve old conditioning and restore their True Feminine and Masculine nature; to become whole, independent yet interconnected, Sovereign Beings.

Melanie guides women on how to use the menstrual cycle as a natural Spiritual Pathway encoded within the body, and is dedicated to Birthing New Consciousness for our current times through TheSacredWomb.com, The Online Moon Lodge and The Sacred Womb Podcast.

Welcome Sister,

The Womb; The Void within has been in collective hibernation for long enough; inducing shame, imbalance, pain on all levels and estrangement from the body.

The time has come for us to remember our Sovereignty as Co-Creators, Visionaries and Birthers of New Consciousness. To renew our connection with Nature and The Great Mother.

Ponder for a moment….what if we are perfectly designed, what if our bodies are a Divine Gift?

What if the eternal ebb, flow and flood of our empowered feminine cycle brings us into our Spiritual Truth; balancing our health, relationships and communities – and the unwavering crystalline structure of our empowered masculine, activates our inner authority and ability to bring creation into physical form.

What would happen if we took full responsibility for this and cancelled our subscription to the old programming?

If this sparks a memory, a deep soul memory, read on.

This site is for you.

It is co-created with a consciousness that supports and guides us directly. It’s an ever evolving resource for us to utilise as we wish, as we return to our seat of independent personal Power…..

The Sacred Womb.

Here you will find grounded and effective guidance, tools and support to;

With 15 years of professional therapy training and experience, natural Shamanic abilities and own personal healing and awakening of The Sacred Womb centre I have come to utilise my menstrual cycle as a pathway of independent transformation and a direct source of wisdom.

It’s an absolute pleasure to bring to my fellow Sisters what I feel we intrinsically know but have forgotten;

that our natural spiritual pathway is encoded within our bodies.

Here are the main ‘things’ I’ve done over the years, in no particular order, to get me here:

  • PGDiploma in Dramatherapy.
  • Sweat Lodges, Shamanic Ceremonies and camps in nature.
  • Diploma Business and Marketing
    During my 20’s I worked in marketing for 5 years, featuring some very fetching power suits!
  • Child, Family & Systems Therapist for Social Services and Barnardo’s UK.
  • Global Professional Therapeutic practice for the last 8 years.
  • Solo traveled (and did healing work along the way) through India, Nepal, South East Asia,
    settling in Thailand for 2 years.
  • Set up and ran a franchise of The Chicken Shed Theatre
  • Married my Partner Oliver
    I have to consistently look deep inside to live a fruitful, respectful, self-growth orientated marriage.
    My relationship is also a natural pathway of growth and transformation.
  • Worked a ski season and snowboarded the french alps for 4 months.
    Breaking through a layer of childhood conditioning, whilst having a blast.
  • Acting & performing in many stage plays and drama festivals until my early 20’s.
  • Years of one to one therapy, group therapy, numerous bodywork methods, and y’know, LIFE and all it brings!

It’s a privilege to have birthed this resource, and I’m thankful for the support of some very insightful Medicine friends, and of course Mother Nature. The foundations of this site were birthed whilst staying in my homeland of England, during the Autumn/Winter of 2014 in Totnes.

This space has, and continues to be an expansive learning and loving process for me. I hope it is of use to you.

May we all inspire and empower each other.

With love, Melanie. x