Becoming Wild, Embodied & Infinitely Beautiful Beings.

Final Creative Piece, Womb Medicine Woman Training™ Year 1, 2019.

Introducing a group of awesome women that have completed Year 1.

The final creative piece was to produce a short video summarising their experience and realisations over the year.

And here they are!

Becoming Human

Jayanara Linda Fitzwilliam

The Sacred Womb Medicine Woman Training Year 1 has been a very deep and explorative journey into what it means to me to be human.

A feminine cyclical being, a masculine magical being, and an integrated human being. I felt held by the wise and experienced guidance of Melanie Swan and I felt held by our loving and supportive community of womb sisters.

I feel great gratitude for all I have learned, remembered and experienced.

Voice Of Truth

Vanessa Fugate

I am sharing some songs that resonated with my journey.

Songs about reclaiming my wild nature, letting myself sink into the depths of healing with the support of sisterhood, feeling the expansiveness of my feminine nature, honoring my blood and my deep sacred connection to the Earth and the cosmos, and honoring all parts of myself as sacred.

All of this and so much more are gifts I will carry with me from this year’s journey.


Janelle Sjodin

The past nine months in the Womb Medicine Woman Training has created a “Unified Me”. 

Through introspection and the loving guidance and wisdom from Melanie Swan I have integrated the parts of myself that were fragmented and polarized. When I first started this training I had been charting my cycle for 1 1/2 years or so, but it didn’t create the level of embodiment this training provided for me in the safety of a circle with other powerful women.

Now, instead of just intellectually knowing how my cycle works, I know  how my cycle feels and flows in a more intimate way. 

My womb consciousness has been ignited and it fuels me with a sense of inspiration, fire, passion and wisdom that can not be learned from a book, it must be learned through experience, devotion and practice. Melanie creates the birthing space for all of this to happen. I am beyond excited to begin year two and to weave all of this knowledge into my Advising I provide for my own clients that want to further connect to their Feminine Power.

This has been life changing for me and I have no doubt it will for you too! 

Standing Tall

Nadine Van Ool

This is a story of how I reconnected with my beautiful and infinite self.

Chipping away at those parts that have been telling me for years that I don’t matter and that I am not worthy. I have changed that story this past year into one of trust, love and compassion.

I have found the courage to step out and up and to embrace the fact that life can be easy and fun.


Jamie Wiggins

This year has brought me closer to my center. It has helped me weave a deeper trust in myself; my body, emotions and womb.

Melanie holds the space with integrity and humanity while trusting each woman’s highest truth.

Having this truth honored in a trusting circle of women in a safe container has been incredibly healing.

It has reminded me that my true nature is at the center of all the physical and emotional weather that fluctuates with the spin of each cycle.

Melanie Swan Podcast Host

About Melanie Swan

Melanie helps women to heal their metaphysical Womb – a woman's epicentre of empowerment and creativity – dissolve old conditioning and reclaim their True nature; to become whole, independent yet interconnected, Sovereign Beings.

She lives in St. Neots, England, hosts The Sacred Womb® Podcast, is currently writing a book and is an avid potter.

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