Eradicating Abuse Of Women in Yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Eradicating The Abuse Of Women in Yoga

Together we can reveal and dismantle the foundations of abusive teaching in Yoga and and restore Yoga as a tool for personal and planetary healing and empowerment! with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.

Sharing Stories with Structure & Safety

Sharing Trauma Stories with Structure & Safety

Sharing our story in the presence of a skillful witness can be incredibly healing AND from a nervous system perspective, telling a story chronologically can further instill the traumatic narrative in the brain.


Yoni Steaming 101 with Mama Luna

Emma of Mamma Luna joins us to talk about Yoni steaming: how to set up, herbs to use, when to steam and how she came to make her gorgeous Yoni Steaming Thrones!

Full Moon Self Care Rituals

10 Self-Care Rituals For The Full Moon

Repeating acts of self-care at regular intervals produces a rhythm based on love – and a steady rhythm of love is healing – so here are 10 rituals for The Full Moon.

Exercise in tune with menstrual cycle

How I Exercise In Tune With The Menstrual Cycle

For years I thought I just wasn’t very good at sticking to an exercise plan. Then when I started tracking my menstrual cycle, I noticed that I was more able to do AND enjoy certain exercises at certain times in my cycle.