Blood Water as Give-way

The Power of Menstrual Blood

Our menstrual blood, or moon blood, is a giver of life. As babies, we nest and are nurtured in this highly fertile luscious nectar.

When we come to release this potion, it is all too often absorbed by toxic plastic pads, or by a plug in the vaginal passageway – a tampon – then discarded into landfill.

There is SO much more we can do with this. We are literally throwing away a gift.

One way we can work with this is to use natural cotton pads. These are highly effective in absorbing our blood, feel great on our sensitive Yoni (vagina), and nothing goes into landfill.

We are able to see the quantity and texture of our blood, which is helpful in identifying changes in colour and texture as our blood brings us a picture of our overall health and well-being.

Being able to touch our blood helps break through taboos and puts us directly in touch with our body.

A powerful ceremony to aid this re-connection with our body of wisdom and Mother Earth, is to soak the pads in cold water then pour the blood/water mix into The Earth with gratitude.

Moon blood is actually an excellent fertiliser and plants thrive having received this potent shot of prana (life force).

We can also pour the mixture over crystals to cleanse and charge them, and use our blood to paint with if we wish.

I encourage you to experiment and explore this innate fluidity.