It’s Time To Shine: A Womb Medicine Poem

A short and sweet episode to share with you a Womb Medicine Poem to restore the beauty and wonder of the womb centre. Includes a brief intro, then a guided practice to listen with your womb.

Healing The Mother Line Poem

Healing The Mother Line

This is a Medicine Poem. The words come with an energy with the intention of shifting consciousness. Become the poem and see where it takes you…

Kate Joyner Silver Moon Poetry

The Blood Tales; Feminine Magic & Erotic Wisdom

The Blood Tales is a one woman show that will transport you to depths of the Mystery carried inside. It’s a rewiring of the shame and disgust. It’s a reclaiming of the magic and power of woman’s body.

The Unknowable Poem

The Unknowable

The Dark and The Shadow and The Light, All combined to weave a web, That makes us blind to Moonlight Star and Glowing Sunset. The newborn child cries for The Mothers breast. Seek that which is Unknown…

It’s Time To Shine – A Medicine Poem

It’s Time To Shine. A Moontime poem by Melanie Swan. This is a Medicine Poem, it comes with an energy that will help us have our own direct realisations about our time of global empowerment as women.