A Rose Quartz Yoni Delight from The Pussy Store

How To Use Yoni Eggs with Lisa Byrd

‘Yoni eggs are a powerful tool for developing our intuition and getting more in touch with our Feminine Power.‘Lisa Byrd Lisa Byrd joins us to talk about why and how we can use Yoni Eggs on our path of healing and personal growth.  Lisa gives us really clear guidance on: She also debunks some common yoni-egg myths! Lisa was very … Read more

A beautiful river circling back around on itself, representing how cycles synchronise is nature, including our menstrual cycle.

Why Do Our Menstrual Cycles Synchronise?

‘We Bleed together so we can Create together. Heal together. See together. Weave together. Our blood time draws us together and into an altered state, amplifying our abilities to work with The Void and open that portal. We are a bridge into this reality for The Divine Feminine, The Great Unknown.‘ In this episode I share a channeled answer to … Read more

Alexandra Pope, Accessing our Temple of Wild Power Podcast Episode 24

Your Temple Of Wild Power with Alexandra Pope

‘The Menstrual Cycle process, when consciously engaged with, is a Spiritual Practice. The Original Spiritual Practice.‘ Alexandra Pope In this WILD podcast, I interview Alexandra Pope on her latest co-authored book WILD POWER. Alexandra generously shares the essence of the book; that the Menstrual Cycle process, when consciously engaged with, is a Spiritual Practice. The Original Spiritual Practice. She then takes us … Read more

dark moon ceremony

The Difference Between The Dark Moon & New Moon

‘There’s a lot of confusion around The Dark and New Moon phase. In this episode I talk about the difference and how we can utilise both phases for personal growth.‘ The New Moon and Dark Moon are two distinct phases in The Moon Cycle.  However they are often confused, or thought to be the same thing. In this episode I clarify the … Read more

Bleeding In Tune With The Moon

Should I Bleed With The Full Moon Or New Moon

In this podcast I discuss bleeding in tune with The Moon and how we can access our own answers. As we awaken to the sheer magic of our menstrual cycle, many of us wonder when the ‘right’ time to bleed is in relation to The Moon phases.  This is totally understandable,  and after centuries of estrangement from our Power, we want it back, we want it now! … Read more

The Pill; Are You Sure It's For You?

The Pill; Are You Sure It’s For You?

‘Seek and practice informed choice’Jane Bennett Jane Bennett joins us to talk about her co-authored book The Pill; Are You Sure It’s For You?  Jane talks us through; What the Pill actually does The natural alternatives we have available. The many myths concerning the pill, other contraceptives, fertility awareness, women’s’ bodies and cycles! It was fantastic to talk to Jane as … Read more