Reclaiming The Divine Masculine To Restore The Divine Feminine

We discuss the growing divine feminine movement and its pitfalls, as many women who are in this movement are struggling to turn ideas into reality, have a lack of internal authority and are using ‘the masculine’ as a dumping ground.

A Womans Seat Of Power Is Her Womb FI

A Woman’s Seat Of Power Is Her Womb

A woman’s power source has always been with The Great Mother. Throughout history, mankind has sought to sever this connection because it’s essence is of the dark and the mysterious, the void beyond rational explanation. It is untamed, free, wild and uninhibited, both from social and moral conditioning.  We have become fearful of the power of the dark; the feminine … Read more

3 Programs That Keep Women Enslaved

The Women With No Name

I question if, in 2020 the ‘norm’ of taking the male line name is still relevant, and if so, what’s effect is it having on the empowerment (or not) of women?

Ceremonies to heal after abortion

3 Ceremonies To Heal After Abortion

Finding Solace in The Cradle of The Great Mother Abortion and pregnancy loss often have a painful effect, on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Even though the original decision feels right, there can still be disabling amounts of guilt and shame. Healing life after this has happened takes place in The Cradle of The Great Mother, where we’re able to return … Read more

How To Clear The Womb Energetically

Heal The Womb, Heal The Woman

‘Fertility Massage Therapy™ ignites our passion by re-awakening our connection to our Womb.’Clare Spink Clare Spink joins us to talk about Fertility Massage Therapy & Training™, a unique physical & spiritual treatment culminating in 15 years work. Clare talks us through; And to top it off, at the end Clare gives us a juicy exercise to connect with our womb.  ABOUT … Read more