Moontime Chocolates For The Menstrual Cycle!

‘These chocolates can help us to tune into the difference phases of our menstrual cycle using all our senses.’
Milly Watson Brown

I had the absolute pleasure of talking to Milly Watson Brown, Creatress of Moon Time Chocolate, who talks us through;

– Her background and where she’s at in her cycle
– How she got started making chocolate
– How she used a painful experience to drop deeper into her womb space
– How she got the idea of making chocolates that correspond with the different phases of the menstrual cycle
– Her process of gestating and birthing her idea
– How and why she selected the ingredients and herbs for each chocolate

And to finish Milly gives us a practical and sensual exercise to tune into the different phases of our cycle with or without her beautiful chocolates. 

Milly grew up in Devon where her parents ran a Wholefood shop which sparked her interest in good food, cooking and alternative medicine.

She had been cycle tracking for a couple of years, before she became pregnant in 2011. Sadly this led to recurrent miscarriages, which drew her to deepen her relationship with her cycle. Her passion grew and grew and she as she attended workshops and retreats.

A few years ago she moved to Bristol and started making chocolate with Radek – of Radek’s Chocolate.

This is when the idea for Moon Time Chocolate arose! Milly realised a link between two things she was most passionate about! Chocolate – and honouring the Menstrual Cycle.

Milly now runs Moontime Chocolates and ships her scrumptious creations all over the world, supplying much needed medicine for women in their homes and on women’s retreats and workshops. 


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Melanie Swan Podcast Host

Melanie Swan

Melanie Swan is an internationally renowned expert in the menstrual cycle and working with the consciousness of The Womb. 

She hosts The Sacred Womb Podcast, which has received over 100,000 downloads across 110 countries, and founded The Womb Medicine Woman Training®, which she has been running for the last 7 years.

She’s an experienced CRM® Trauma Therapist, hosts the newly released CRM® podcast ‘Trauma Healing Tribe’ and is currently writing her first book The Sacred Womb, which is, at its core, a handbook for the empowerment of womankind. Due for release early 2024.


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