‘Crystals will help put you in a space where you can vibration-ally align with your healing process

They can be your best friend, your reminders, your teachers, they are a book that you can read,
but they are not here to do the work for you.’

Nicholas Pepe

Crystals for The Womb and Menstrual Cycle

by Nicholas Pepe and Melanie Swan

I talk to Nicholas Pepe about how crystals can help us to connect with our womb and menstrual cycle.

Nick takes us through:

  • the foundations of how to get started in working with crystals,
  • the lowdown on cleansing and clearing
  • and a really practical exercise that you can do straight away.

I always love talking to Nick!

He cuts through the BS as he really knows his stuff through direct experience.

Nick and I will be answering your questions in our next video together, so please post your comments, questions and experiences below and we’ll include them next time!


About Nick

Nick is an experienced Energy Healer and Personal Development Coach who specialised in helping women who have been ruled by doubt, fear and low confidence learn how to manage their emotions so they can live with courage, confidence and freedom.

Visit Nick’s website for more information.