A Dark Moon Ceremony & Meditation

‘Practicing Ceremony at The Dark Moon helps us to go inwards during our Moontime, our Sacred Bleed.’

The Dark Moon is the one night in the lunar cycle when The Moon is not visible in the night sky. It’s the darkest night in the cycle.

Many people skip over or are not aware of this phase of The Moon. For She goes Dark, non-visible – before She starts a new cycle again and that first silvery crescent appears in the night Sky.

We have to have this darkness, before the light. The death before the rebirth. We only need to look to nature to see that it is essential to prepare the ground before planting new seeds.

On The Dark Moon, nature is quiet, introspective and silent. It’s not the time for mating, it is a time to look inwards and be still.

And this is what we’ll be doing in this Dark Moon Ceremony. Sitting With Stillness, Silence and Space….

The Dark Moon and The Menstrual Cycle

As our Menstrual Cycle is a mirror of The Moon Cycle – there is a Dark or still point in our Menstrual Cycle. This is when our womb is empty. When we have bled all or most of our Sacred Blood for that cycle, our womb is empty, Void.

The point at which we have shed our skin – but are not quite read to re-emerge yet. There is a still point. An emptiness. An inner silence that is palpable, tangible and so so juicy!

When we can embrace this Void within, truly be in it, we get rejuvenated and come back out into our new cycle full of inspiration with the energy to materialise it.

Practicing Ceremony at The Dark Moon helps us to go inwards during our Moontime, our Sacred Bleed. 


It is not necessary that our menstrual cycle synchronises with The Moon Cycle in a specific way.

Simply note where you’re at in your menstrual cycle and experience how your cycle and The Moon at this point interact.

Dark Moon Practice

  • Play your favourite relaxing meditative music, put on some incense and arrange the room so that you have space to be, to sit, to be Creative. This is also a great time to clear out material ‘stuff’ that you don’t need. Basically set your space up for a Personal Ceremony.
  • Write/draw the habits, ways of being, out of date coping strategies, previous relationships etc. that are no longer serving you.
  • Sit and look at them. Feel them. Feel into how they helped or supported you at some stage in your life. Write down how you benefited from them so that you are really clear and can genuinely feel grateful.
  • Then give thanks to each aspect. Take your time with each one.
  • Feel/summon as much pure love as you can, and surround the paper/those aspects of yourself in your love.
  • Notice the response and take 5 minutes to breathe, deeply and slowly.

Closing Your Dark Moon Ceremony

Simply give thanks for any support you feel you’ve received and take some deep, slow, long breaths.

Become more aware of your surroundings and if you have a candle burning, blow it out.

Take your time to slowly come to a state where you feel fully awake and begin to tidy away your tools and arrange the room as it would be in daily life. You may wish to journal, draw, move.

Whatever comes. It’s important to remember to really stay with this space. Notice and desire to fill it. Acknowledge the desire, take a deep breath and relax into the inner space again.

You’ll know when to move into the New. An energy will naturally arise within. Here’s a NEW MOON CEREMONY for tomorrow night.

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