Divine Feminine and Masculine


Feminine & Masculine


  • You are either in what you feel to be your feminine essence OR your masculine essence – and keep trying to find a ‘balance’ but can’t get them to work in harmony (this happens when these two aspects are split within us).
  • You are connected to your intuition but struggle to actualise your ideas.
  • Your sense of structure or masculine is too rigid.
  • Your sense of authority is external; you’ve done multiple courses, have all the certificates, yet don’t feel qualified.
  • You’re exhausted and feel unsupported.
  • There’s a split or conflict between your head (cognition or logic) and heart (what you truly long for).
  • You’re piss*d with men / the patriarchy / hierarchy, and want the feminine to take over.
  • You simply know that your true masculine nature is split off, and you feel a longing to re-unite with that aspect of your soul.

What we often deem masculine and feminine are often distorted versions of their true essence, so you’ll be connecting to this true essence through your body and clearing all the projections and un-truths that have built up from your soul’s journey including this life, generational lineages and societal programming.

Once you have an embodied and felt sense of your true masculine and feminine, you’ll be energising your womb space to receive your divine masculine.

The unification process is unique to each person and it can take months and years to fully inegrate. It’s a very intimate and deep experience that ripples into every part of one’s consciousness.

This process is a series of 3 x 1.5 hours sessions and you pay for each session as you go. The frequency of appts is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on what you need each time.

You’ll leave each session with a practice to deepen and consolidate your healing process.


You’ll connect with and embody your Divine Feminine nature,
and discover and reclaim your Divine Masculine Nature

Once the two are restored, you’ll unify those two energies within you, creating Unification of these two perceived opposites. 

Healing The Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine

We begin with connecting to your womb’s consciousness – this ever present aspect of creation will guide and support the entire process.

Through the womb, you’ll be connecting to and discovering your true divine feminine – the true feminine principle in creation. And it is this energy that we are going to utilise to heal the distortions of what a woman is and can be, across your Soul’s Journey.


Healing The Divine Masculine

Divine Masculine

The masculine has, in general, become a dumping ground for all the things we don’t think are feminine (and are therefore unwanted). However this is THE KEY to activating the womb as a vessel of love to birth new consciosuenss and having our divine feminine essence truly relax.

You’ll be revealing and owning all your projections onto men, the masculine, and you contrinution to co-creating the partriarchy (this is all done with love and non-judgement!) and then meeting and getting to know your true masculine counterapart.

Divine Feminine and Masculine


Once you’re familiar and comfortable with both your divine feminine and divine masculine, you’ll be inviting your masculine energy back into the whole of you through your womb space. This is a very powerful thing to do whilst in this reality of split and duality. You’ll be moving to unification, and your work will ripple out into the collective consciousness too.


We meet for an initial consultation, which is free of charge and lasts for 20 minutes. It’s an opportunity for us to discuss the process, to get any questions answered and see if we’re a good fit.