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21 Day Womb Healing Journey

March 16 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm GMT

21 Day Journey Embody The Consciousness Of The Womb

Do you know your womb has more to offer, but aren’t quite sure how to access and work with it?

Join us on this 21 Day Journey to find out!

For centuries, women have been disconnected from their womb and its true purpose. Womb Healing means to bring the Womb back into the whole of one’s self.

Whilst the physical womb Is obviously in our body, the consciousness of the womb – the true essence of the womb, is often restricted and disconnected from, meaning that we often don’t know what we’re missing.

These are some of the main symptoms of being disconnected from the womb:

  • Period Pain
  • Lack of trust in intuition
  • Low life force
  • Dislike of being a woman
  • Struggling to value your creativity or bring it to fruition
  • Hard to get pregnant or stay pregnant to term
  • Pushing through life and your cyclical changes
  • Flashes of rage and anger during pre-menstrual
  • Long periods (3+ days)

During this 21 day journey, I’ll be sharing with you some tried and tested practices that will help you bring back your womb’s consciousness into your body and work with the wisdom that it holds.  

Every 3 days you’ll get a new guided practice (via a live video with Melanie) that will take you deeper into connection with your womb. All videos will remain in the group until the journey ends.

I will be checking in with the group once a day to answer any questions you may have.

8 lovingly curated practices will take you through a 21 day process:

Days 1-3: Intention setting, greeting & drawing your womb
Days 4-6: Energising your womb centre
Days 7-9: Communing with your womb part 1
Days 10-12: Clearing your womb
Days 13-15: Communing with your womb part 2
Days 16-18: Discernment between trauma and true essence
Days 19-21: Bringing your womb’s messages into daily life
BONUS: Day 22: Anointing your womb

Each guided practice is 10-15 minutes so that you can easily integrate this into your day.

As each new practice is shared every 3 days – it gives you the choice to repeat the practice and deepen your experience, or have time to be with your experience and integrate.


The group will run in a pop-up Facebook Group. Once we begin, no one else will be able to join. This gives us the container we need to experience the journey together.

Once the Journey has finished, the Facebook Group will remain open for another 7 days – until 20th April so that you can re-watch any videos. The group and all the content will then be deleted on the 20th April.

Once you have registered for the journey, you’ll receive a link to join the Facebook Group; you will be added the day before we start.


March 16
8:00 am - 5:00 pm GMT
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