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Shamanic Death-Bed Ceremony

July 14 @ 12:00 am 1:30 pm BST

£50 90 minute online group Ceremony

Visit the moments before your point of death in this life, so that you can see your state of consciousness based on your current trajectory – get clear on what truly matters – and identify what’s needed to actualise that reality.


  • You want to take a dynamic step into the next chapter of your life.
  • You feel stuck and want to do something about it.
  • You want to boost your personal growth.
  • You want to focus your healing work on what you truly want
  • You’d love to hone in on what truly matters right now, and what to do to actualise that.
  • You’re aware or open to the knowledge that we take all our ‘stuff’ with us when we pass; beliefs, patterns of relating, stored pain and untapped strengths, as well as how much love we embody Whatever work we do NOW, affects not only our trajectory in this life, it also ripples out into the rest of our consciousness / existance.

During the Shamanic Deathbed Ceremony, we’ll start with deep Re-Sourcing with The Womb Of Mother Earth and your own womb, enabling you to work from your Soul’s wisdom.

You’ll visit the moments before your point of death in this life, so you can see your state of being at that point – given your current trajectory. (This isn’t about trying to see how or when you pass, it’s focused on your state of consciousness.)

From this realisation, you’ll get clear on what truly matters to you.

You’ll then:

  • Set your intention for how you want to live NOW
  • Identify the core issue you need to work with to shift your reality
  • AND amplify the strength that you need in order that your intention actualises.

You’ll leave with a solid practice supporting the embodied integration of your transformation.

If you are truly at the point where you’re ready for focused, dynamic change, come join us!


Investment: £50

Bring a notebook, pen and candle.

Group size: max 12

The Ceremony will NOT be recorded. You need to be booked and in attendance to participate.

The Ceremony runs for 90 mins and starts at:
7am EST, 12noon London, 1pm Paris, 6pm Bangkok, 7pm Perth.

Registration closes Friday 12th July at midnight London.