Shamanic Womb Healing




  • Recalibrate your attachment template.
  • Process core / root wounding.
  • Understand why you incarnated.
  • Re-connect with the re-sources you bought with you.
  • Create a secure attachment with yourself and Source.
  • Process generational imprints picked up in the womb.
  • Understand this life in context of your Soul’s Journey. 
  • Want to truly feel safe in your body. 

You’ll be exploring each ‘chamber’ of your womb space. Processing pain, restoring the true essence and wisdom of each, and energising the whole space. 

We are going to be very thorough about this! That’s why it takes 6 x 90 minute sessions.

Stuff from this life, past lives, generational lineages and across species (yes!, across species) may come up, and it’s imperative that there’s time for processing, restoring and integrating.

You’ll be creatively utilising breathwork, visualisation, sound, sacred geometry, all 6 senses, somatic attunement and music to restore your seat of power.

You’ll leave each time with a specific practice that comes from each womb chamber supporting you to embody and oritent to your new state of being. 

At the end of the process you will also have your ‘womb’s song’ to support cellular integration.

You can pay for each session as you go, and the frequency of appts is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


You’ll explore each aspect of your Womb Centre.
A whole session in each chamber to explore, understand, process, heal, clear and energise.

Healing The Ovaries

Core Self

The process starts with clear intention setting, re-sourcing breathwork and attunement to the womb centre. You’ll then start exploring chamber 1: The Ovaries.

How To Heal Womb Trauma

Between Lives

Clearning the pathways for the ovaries is important for a healthy, vibrant womb centre. You’ll be navigating their landscape and connecting with their wisdom.

Healing Womb Trauma


You’ll be exploring all the space and crevases of the womb itself, including the access point to The Void. You’ll be connecting with and utilising The Black Light for healing and restoration, and connecting with the truth of The Divine Feminine.

Healing The Cervix


The gateway from the internal to the external, the cervix has so much to offer!

Healing The Yoni


Moving onto the vaginal canal and internal and external vagina – a collective term for which we can call The Yoni (sanskrit for Sacred Space).

Shamanic Womb Healing

First 6 Months

The final session will focus on bringing all the chambers together as a whole, working in harmony as its own whole system. You’ll then connect your womb with your heart, your head, your higher self and womb of Mother Earth – bringing all these wisdom centres into alignment with your polar axis.

You’ll leave with your womb’s song and practices to consolidate that have been crafted from your own womb’s wisdom.


We meet for an initial consultation, which is free of charge and lasts for 20 minutes. It’s an opportunity for us to discuss the process, to get any questions answered and see if we’re a good fit.