There are many facets and layers to healing from sexual trauma.

The following aspects need to be considered in order to fully heal and anchor back in our body, namely our Sacred Womb centre.

There’s often an emphasis on the physical aspect of ‘what happened’, And whilst this obviously needs to be considered, the energetic and emotional aspects of sexual abuse are equally as important to recognise and heal.

What holds us back from healing?

1. Fear of feeling overwhelmed. 
Nobody wants to relive trauma. Totally understandable.
It’s important to access the associated emotions, but not necessary to relive anything. This is totally possible and although it may feel difficult as some of the distress moves out, afterwards you will feel much better.

2. Fear of not being believed
This can also be a projection of our own disbelief. For it is, truly incomprehensible that we can be hurt in this way.

3. Comparing pain and trauma
Pain is pain. The belief that your pain isn’t enough to warrant help, support or to talk about it keeps you stuck. Accepting that what happened did happen and that your feelings are valid is a big and important step towards healing.

4. Silencing
The abuser may have made threats that if you tell anyone, you won’t be believed, or that they’ll do something to hurt your further or someone you love. There also could be the thought that it may have been your fault. It wasn’t. It’s that clear.

5. Self blame
Why didn’t I do something different, why did I put myself in that situation? are often sitting at the back of our mind. This can block us getting help, as we may think we should suffer in some way.

6. Isolation
It’s estimated that 1 in 3 women have experienced some type of sexual trauma at some point in our lives. You are definitely not alone. How about reaching out to a trusted friend for support?


You’re not alone.
It wasn’t your fault.
You’re not broken, dirty or damaged.
You can live free of the trauma.
You can come fully back to your body.
You can have fruitful relationships.
You can feel safe enough to share your true self again.
Beyond the pain, beyond the trauma, is Wisdom.

Want to work deeper? Check out The Crucible – an online course for the deep yet gentle healing of sexual trauma.