• You want to connect with, clear, heal and energise your Heart Centre.
  • You want to process something specific in one contained process.
  • You want to do some deep work on your core wounding.

You’ll be exploring each ‘chamber’ of your heart space. Processing pain, embodying the medicine from within your heart, and feeling and hearing your own heart’s song.

You’ll be creatively utilising breathwork, visualisation, sound, sacred geometry, all 6 senses, somatic attunement and music, all supported by LOVE – from the metaphysical heart that is present and in tact, whether you can feel it or not.

You’ll leave each time with a specific practice that comes from each heart chamber and the song of your heart, that will support the cellular integration of your healing. 

The Heart Chambers session takes 2-2.5 hours and is £200.


You’ll explore all 5 of your Heart Chambers. 

You can pick an issue that you want to work with – or we can work with whatever needs to be revealed, processed and embodied for your highest good.

re-sourcing for trauma therapy


The metaphysical heart is the re-source that supports this whole process. Even if you feel you are currently unable to access much of your heart or love, the metaphysical heart serves is present and will underpin the whole process.

We’ll be activating and amplifying your heart as a re-source with multi-dimensional heart breathing.

Womb Medicine Woman Training


We start by exploring Chamber 1 (upper right) and progress around each quadrant, and end with chamber 5 at the core of your heart.

During the exploration, you will be using all 6 senses to attune to each chamber, which serves to both explore your heart based on your intention, and to process what needs to be processed.

How To Heal Womb Trauma

Hearts Medicine

Each Heart Chamber will have a message, teaching, learning or Medicine for you. Once you connect with this, you’ll be working that medicine in the chamber to process and clear whatever is needed to reveal your hearts truth.

Healing Womb Trauma

Hearts Truth

Once you have your hearts truth, there is space to deepen into that, to feel it somatically and allow it to ripple out into your consciousness. 

Healing The Cervix

Hearts Song

Following from your hearts truth, you’ll be invited to make a sound, note or tone – a vibration that matches your truth. Making this sound for a few minutes helps it ripple out not only into your consciousness, but most importantly, into your body, allowing your cells to vibrate at that frequency, thus shifting your state of embodiment straight away. 

When you have explored all 5 chambers, you will have 5 tones or sounds, that you will be making in succession – creating your hearts song. Sometimes these tones merge, and sometimes they create a melody. Either way, this is your hearts song, and is the practice that you’ll be taking with you to deepen and consolidate your healing process. 

Trauma Resolution


You’ll end the prcocess with solid grounding and orienting to the present moment. There’ll be time to reflect and get clear on any practices and next steps that are relevant to you. 


We meet for an initial consultation, which is free of charge and lasts for 20 minutes. It’s an opportunity for us to discuss the process, to get any questions answered and see if we’re a good fit.