‘Yoni eggs are a powerful tool for developing our intuition and getting more in touch with our Feminine Power.

Lisa Byrd

– What You’ll Discover –
What You’ll Discover
Lisa Byrd joins us to talk about why and how we can use Yoni Eggs on our path of healing and personal growth.

Lisa gives us really clear guidance on:

  • What Yoni Eggs are  
  • The benefits of using Yoni Eggs
  • How to choose a Yoni Egg
  • How to cleanse and clear your Yoni Eggs
  • Different ways to use them for emotional and physical health

She also debunks some common yoni-egg myths!

Lisa was very generous in sharing her experience and gives us rich, down to earth and practical steps for using our eggs.

– About Our Guest –
About Our Guest
Lisa Byrd

Lisa Byrd

Human Rights Activist, Educator and Medicine Woman.

Lisa has been living in SEAsia for the past 15 years working with refugees by providing education access, protection and assistance. She founded Thai Freedom House and Free Bird Café and runs Lisa Byrd Collection, which is available in pop up shops in the USA and online. Lisa offers intuitive healing sessions that combine aromatherapy, sound, shamanic journeying, reiki and crystal healing.

Her specialty is assisting women that have suffered trauma to find their way to healing.