How To Chart Your Menstrual Cycle

‘Tracking our menstrual cycle helps us to align our outer actions with the inner Wisdom of our Womb.’

In this episode I explain how to utilise The Sacred Womb Cycle Tracker to connect with your Womb and essence for the day – so that you can align your outer actions with your inner world.

Over time, this will help you to develop a deep intimacy with yourself that will have you optimising your productivity, creativity and self-care AND loving your cycle!

Guidelines for using The Menstrual Cycle Tracker:

 1. The outer ring is for the day of your cycle – day 1 is the first day you see blood. 

2. The next ring you could colour in the energy or mood of the day. It can be helpful for identifying patterns in your cycle.

3. The third ring in is for the date. I find this helps me plan my month in tune with my cycle.

4. Then there is space for words. Perhaps a message from the womb, how you’re feeling, dreams, anything you want to record.

5. The inner ring is for recording where the moon is at. It’s designed for you to colour in.

A key skill to develop whilst cycle tracking is CURIOSITY.

I talk about this more deeply in E48, Deepening The Process of Menstruation. Basically, when we meet our cycle, ourselves with curiosity, cycle tracking becomes more spontaneous and brings us into the present moment.

Let us know how you get along in The Sacred Womb private Facebook group. And if you have any questions, tag me and I’ll reply. 

Wishing you joyful and creative cycle tracking. 

The cycle tracker is now incorporated into The Sacred Womb Diary & Personal Almanac, it’s available to purchase here:

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