How To Manifest With The Menstrual Cycle #2 REST

Taking time out during our Moontime to rest and let flow allows us to get to our still point. The most internal point of our cycle. The wave has to reach to bottom of the ocean to gain the moment to rise back up again, as must we in our menstrual cycle. From this place we are rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for the new.’

In the second phase of our cycle of creation, I discuss REST AND LET FLOW – our time of bleeding…Moontime.

This few days gives us the opportunity release and unwind physically, mentally and physically. The opportunity to reach our still point, our neutral gear, our most internal.

In this podcast I discuss why taking time out to rest and let flow is so important as we manifest and heal in tune with our menstrual cycle.

Listen to the end for an exercise to implement this.


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