How To Manifest With The Menstrual Cycle #3 ENVISIONING

Creating with our Menstrual Cycle and The Collective Womb makes manifesting much easier, and this resource is encoded within our body!
I encourage you to dive deep into your Moontime, enter the cave of silence and listen to what is really required in your life.’

This is the third episode of the series where I discuss Envisioning

For when we reflect, rest and let flow during our Moontime, there is a natural momentum that takes us into our silence so that we may hear ourselves and listen to what we really want to Create in our lives.

It is here in this deep space within, that we can connect with The Collective Womb and get Her support.

This gives us a momentum, like a wave with the ocean behind it, to emerge from our Moontime refreshed, renewed and with that all important CLARITY needed before we set our intention and engage with our outer world again.

Listen to the end for a practical step to Envision.


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