How To Manifest With The Menstrual Cycle #5 ACTION

‘Aligned Action is taking action that’s aligned with our Intention. Sounds easy! That is until we’re going outside of our comfort zone and our old habits kick in.’

In this podcast I discuss This fifth phase of Creating with our menstual cycle.

The phase in which it’s time to take not just action, but aligned action!

Easier said than done as we cling to old patterns like a life raft….only to find that if we look down we’re only in 2 inches of water!

I give lots of practical tips in this episode for staying aligned, and resetting when we fall off the trail of our intention.


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Stress, Trauma & Womb Healing: Getting to the root of all forms of stress & trauma to safely process out the root pain that causes life-interfering defense responses to form. Inc. early attachment work, one’s own in-utero and birth experience, menstrual cycle symptoms, fears / patterns that keeping looping around and generational / past life resolution.

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