How To Use And Care For Cloth Menstrual Pads

‘Cloth Menstrual Pads help me to deeply connect with the process of bleeding
Rachael Crow

I talk to Rachael Crow of Moontimes on how to use and care for cloth pads.

We also discuss the positive effects of using natural pads has on our connection with our cycle and self care.

I am a mother of 4 gorgeous children, and live with my 2 youngest in the Wilds of West Wales where I have been on a 5 year pilgrimage journey along side my ancestors, the crows and the land into peri- menopause. I’m a sensitive and have found peace, stillness and power through listening to my womb and following my cycle, the ebb and flow of moon and the stars and connecting to our Mother Earth.

My passion lies in Empowering Women through connection to the Women’s Mysteries, supporting women to trust their inner wisdom, especially as they come to the major stages in life; girls first menstruation or Menarche, meeting Motherhood at the Birth Altar, Parenting, Menopause.

I believe women deeply appreciate learning about alternative and positive ways to think about their bodies!


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