How To Use Yoni Eggs with Lisa Byrd

‘Yoni eggs are a powerful tool for developing our intuition and getting more in touch with our Feminine Power.‘
Lisa Byrd

Lisa Byrd joins us to talk about why and how we can use Yoni Eggs on our path of healing and personal growth. 

Lisa gives us really clear guidance on:

  • What Yoni Eggs are  
  • The benefits of using Yoni Eggs 
  • How to choose a Yoni Egg
  • How to cleanse and clear your Yoni Eggs
  • Different ways to use them for emotional and physical health

She also debunks some common yoni-egg myths!

Lisa was very generous in sharing her experience and gives us rich, down to earth and practical steps for using our eggs. 

How & Why To Use Yoni Eggs

It can often get confusing working with crystals because there are so many different ways to use them and each person has their own way of using each one.

My dear friend Lisa Byrd, owner of Thai Freedom House and Free Bird Café, joined me recently to share some easy and simple guidance on how and why to use Yoni Eggs. So if you have one sitting around gathering dust, this advice should help you reconnect with it and start you working with it once again.

Lisa Byrd not only sells Yoni Eggs but works with a lot of women with Yoni Eggs and her main goal is to get more women to understand how to use these powerful healing tools.

For years, Lisa had been working with crystals, all the way back to childhood and had become very drawn to putting crystals in her mouth during meditation to use them in a more connected way and this got her thinking about where else she could put them!

She began to meditate with small stones in her vagina which led to really deep, beautiful meditations.

Following this, Lisa researched and found what crystals were best for womb work and which would help her in different ways and things just continued from there.

What is a Yoni Egg?

A Yoni Egg is a stone, around the size of an organic chicken egg, that is meant to put in your “yoni” which is Sanskrit for vagina. We actually use this word as it translates as sacred place or space and that is really what the vagina or the womb is; it is our seat of power.

In the past in China, they were referred to as Jade eggs because they were using this practice – but only with Jade, as it was the most precious stone to them. Now, it’s not only Jade that’s used – so they are mostly referred to as Yoni eggs.

What are the Benefits of Using Yoni Eggs?

There are many reasons that a woman may choose to use a Yoni Egg. Some benefits are;

  • Vaginal Tightening – after having a baby or simply growing older you may want to have some more tightening here. This can also help stop incontinence.
  • Increased circulation
  • Increasing orgasmic potential
  • Reflexology massage of the vaginal canal
  • Deeper healing
  • Deeper and more intimate relationship with yourself

There are of course many more benefits, and these are just a few, but each individual will notice different results from using the Yoni Eggs depending on the stone, the way in which the eggs are used and how often.

How to Start Using a Yoni Egg

Begin by cleansing the Yoni Egg both physically and energetically to cleanse and clear the energy of the crystal. Trust your intuition on this, you will know when your egg is ready.

Setting Your Intention

First, set a clear intention for using the egg. Hold it for a moment and really think about what you would like it to help you with.

And if you don’t know, that’s ok too. To simply start to explore and feel the egg is totally enough.

TIP: yo can put a little coconut oil on the egg to help ease it in gently. 

What if The Yoni Egg Get’s Stuck?!

It can feel a little scary or daunting to begin using a Yoni egg – sometimes there is the worry that it’ll get stuck, however the egg will be in an enclosed space with nowhere to go and so it’s perfectly safe to use.

If you do feel the egg has got stuck – it’s because you’ve tensed up. 

A great way to help the egg out is to put on some relaxing music and slow down your breathing to a relaxed pace. Then adopt a comfortable squatting position, whilst breathing in a relaxed way, and you’ll be able to get the egg out.

Alternatively you might be afraid it is going to fall out. Dont panic!

Sometimes the egg and/or the yoni have had enough, and the egg will come out on it’s own.

Where to Safely Purchase Yoni Eggs

Purchase Yoni Eggs from a reputable seller – be that online or in person and not some anonymous mass website; a powerful healing tool should never be bought in this way.

Make sure you are purchasing a crystal from someone who knows about crystals – perhaps it is someone who does healing work themselves, but it certainly isn’t Amazon or eBay.

Crystals to Avoid

Physically you would never want to use something like Pyrite. Putting something that’s heavy and toxic inside your body can cause you to be sick both physically and emotionally. It’s great to put on an alter for manifestation work, but it is not something to put inside your womb.

Moonstone appears like it would be a good one to use and it is in fact great for massage to the outside of your womb. However, the energy would be way too cool to put inside the womb, despite the fact it is specifically to help women balance their hormones.

Another that is amazing for external massage is Malachite but emotionally and physically it would not be okay to insert this into the womb.

Recommended Crystals To Use for Yoni Eggs

If you’re looking to start using Yoni Eggs and want something that is fairly gentle and neutral, then starting with a heart-stone like Rose Quartzor Green Aventurine would be a good idea. 

They are great for softening, opening you to accepting and receiving healing and balancing your heart.


Lisa has been living in SEAsia for the past 15 years working with refugees by providing education access, protection and assistance. She founded Thai Freedom House and Free Bird Café and runs Lisa Byrd Collection, which is available in pop up shops in the USA and online. Lisa offers intuitive healing sessions that combine aromatherapy, sound, shamanic journeying, reiki and crystal healing.

Her specialty is assisting women that have suffered trauma to find their way to healing.

Melanie Swan Podcast Host

Melanie Swan

Melanie is an internationally renowned leader in healing the physical womb, restoring the metaphysical womb, and connecting with the cosmic womb.

She’s a Womb Medicine Woman and Soul Worker with 20 year’s experience – who guides women to come home to their true nature.

She hosts The Sacred Womb Podcast, leads the Womb Healing Training and is currently writing her first book The Sacred Womb, which at its core, is a handbook for the empowerment of womankind; due for release in late 2024.

She has traveled extensively and is based in Thailand.