Womb Medicine Woman Training Online Course 2020



For women who want to deeply heal their Womb and birth new consciousness for our current times.

Registration will open in September.


To arrive here, I’m guessing you’ve googled something about the womb, you might be seeking some relief from the pain of periods – or maybe you can sense something special about your cyclic nature and want to share it  – but WHAT exactly? what is womb work? and why is the womb SACRED?!

I wondered that too. And for the last 15 years I’ve been investigating, experimenting, working with myself, with women from different cultures and spiritual traditions.

I have learnt that one thing unites us – our blood – our womb – our menstrual cycle. Something most of us struggle with somehow at some point – and despite our various chemical and emotional attempts to manage it, it draws us deep into our psyche and body – every – single – month.

And WHY? Why are we created this way – what is the real purpose in our intrinsic design?

This is exactly what I want to share with you……However, this is more than a course about periods. It’s about the re-empowerment of Womankind.

Women have long looked outside ourselves for a connection to The Divine, and we’ve got ourselves in a right old pickle because of it. This training will give you life-long skills to find what is Sacred within you – and utilise that wisdom to align your daily life, creativity & personal growth; for personal fulfilment and collective evolution.

I’m not sharing a template, one size definitely doesn’t fit all – you’ll be connecting DIRECTLY with YOUR unique cycle and consciousness of your womb, to actually enjoy – YES…ENJOY being a woman again.

If this resonates, I invite you to come and join us in The Womb Medicine Lodge.

With love,


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Each Medicine Bundle features live teaching, womb practices, creative exercises, breakout rooms with your mentors, practices to do at home and a dedicated, private community (not Facebook).

The training is offered once per year.


To take this work into the world, we must experience it for ourselves and embody our own wombs consciousness.

Completion of all the foundational, self-healing bundles is to progress to the training modules.

Embodying The Menstrual Cycle Online Course


MODULE 1: 6 x 2.5 hour weekly workshops

Tune into the consciousness of your womb and
utilise it as your intimate compass.
Track The Moon and menstrual cycle and align
your daily life with your inner world.
Feel and flow with the nuances of your unique cycle,
the cycles of life and nature.
Read signs and symptoms of trauma in your cycle and use them as a compass for personal growth and healing.
Learn key practices to reveal and optimise the true essence of the subtle cycle phases.
Implement relevant womb rituals and ceremonies.
Inc. a workbook, 21 day Sadhana and dedicated community.

Womb Rituals and Ceremonies


MODULE 2: 1 day workshop

Revisit and re-pattern your First Period
Recalibrate your relationship with your womb
and menstrual cycle.
A First Blood Ceremony
Storytelling and creative exerecises
Womb Rituals that you can do alone or with others.
Simple Ceremonies to honour, energise and
revere your Womb Centre.
Inc. preparatory exercises, a workbook and dedicated community.

The Sacred Womb online course


MODULE 3: 2 day workshop.
SEPTEMBER 3rd & 4th

Learn to utilise your menstrual cycle for personal growth, manifesting, creativity, productivity and personal fulfillment.
Discover the whole creative cycle within your cycle and gain key skills to start using straight away.
Gain the understanding and support to be at the
helm of your own life.
Understand multi-dimensional collective and personal trauma for women; money, sex, relationships and creativity.
Get clear on grounded Womb work and spiritual bypassing
Inc. a workbook and 2 hour follow up Q&A.

The Integrated Woman


MODULE 4: 2 day workshop.
OCTOBER 8th & 9th

Identify your true masculine and distorted masculine
parts of self
Identify your true feminine and distorted feminine
parts of self
Understand their interaction
Practice Integration to restore their Divine, unified nature.
Inc a 2 hour follow up Q&A to aid further integration.


ALL foundation modules must be completed to take this.



includes all 5 modules, professional placement, 2 x Womb 
Room groups, handbooks, self-authorisation Ceremony
and dedicated private community. 

Completion of modules 1-4 are required to take this, plus at least 8 x 1:1 trauma healing sessions (list of providers will be given).

Learn to impliment this work via womens circles, ceremonies and rites of passage.

Featuring a professional placement that serves as a platform to develop your skills and implement this work with others.

You’ll be assigned a personal Mentor, in addition to the group work with Melanie.

2 x 2 hour follow up coaching sessions in ‘The Womb Room’ are included once the training has finished to aid further integration.

You will be given practices and creative exercises to do between the live workshops to deepen your learning.

Sharing Stories with Structure & Safety


MODULE 5: 1 day workshop
JANUARY 2023 dates tbc

There is, and has been for a long time, a split in our sisterhood. It’s this that has been causing huge amounts of distress for women (often projected onto men).

In this module, you’ll be understanding this split and learning solid relational skills that you’ll be implementing throughout the rest of your training and in your work.

It is essential to understand and implement the repair of this rupture as you take this work into the world.

Healing Your Own Birth


MODULE 6: 2 day workshop

Now that you’ve worked with your phyiscal Womb (the menstrual cycle) and your metaphyiscal womb
(The Sacred Womb) – you’ll work with The Collective Womb,
to conceive and birth new consciousness for personal and collective evolution.

Understand the stages, pathways and pitfalls of Co-Creating
and grounding new consciousness in this reality .

You’ll learn grounded yet esoteric practices to access The Great Mother and work with the black light.  

Circles and Ceremonies


MODULE 7: 3 day workshop

You’ll be learning about the purpose, structure and delivery of womb centred circles, ceremonies to restore the health and vitality of The Womb and rites of passage for the arc of womanhood.

Learning will be done through live Ceremony, presentation, coaching and practical exercises.

You’ll receive a downloadable handbook to use
as a basis for your work.

Professional Placement


MODULE 8: 3 x 2 hour workshops + 9 day placement

You’ll practice birthing consciousness – through Co-Creating your placement with the group, and The Collective Womb.

The placement will be online and you will receive guidance on practically grounding your ideas in this reality to suit our current timeline.

This placement serves a stimulant for your skills development and the live group work will involve direct coaching.


MODULE 9: 1 Day Workshop

A whole day focused on your empowerment, further development of your own Medicine and direct coaching from Melanie.

Preparatory exercises will be given.

Ends with a self designed, self-authorisation Ceremony to welcome you to The Womb Medicine Lodge.


21 Day Sadhana in Embodying The Menstrual Cycle

Downloadable workbooks

Creative exercises

Live Womb Practices

Private Community (not Facebook)

Breakout Rooms in smaller groups

Support from Experienced Mentors


Lifetime Access for Module 1

The Womb Medicine Lodge Team

Melanie Swan


Melanie is an internationally renowned expert in the menstrual cycle and consciousness of The Womb. She’s a qualified Trauma Therapist, specialising in the re-empowerment of womankind and has worked with 1,000’s of women across cultures and spiritual traditions, both 1:1 and in groups.

Her podcast, The Sacred Womb has over 100,00 downloads, and women look to her as one of the leaders in re-discovering how to actually enjoy being in a woman’s body.

Melanie’s background includes multi-dimensional trauma healing with CRM®, Dramatherapy, Body Centered Therapy and Shamanic Healing. She’s worked with a wide variety of people in schools, charities, Social Services & The NHS – before running an world-wide private practice.

Her intention is that this work shifts personal and collective consciousness so that each woman can restore her true nature. 


Kim Barnard, Jenny Sedgewick and Diana Beverly are Womb Medicine Women, and will be assisting on different modules (no. of mentors relative to attendee numbers). 


I've never done any womb work before, can I join?

YES! You are very welcome. I recommend you take the foundational module first: Embodying The Menstrual Cycle, see how you get along, and book in for further modules if you want to continue. 

What If I don't have a regular cycle?

If you don’t have a regular cycle, this will be beneficial. Tunining into, energising and honouring your womb centre, often helps regulate your mesntrual cycle.

I'm in Menopause, is this work relevant?

Abosultely! The way I teach cycle tracking, is to connect with the consciousness of your womb, which you can of course still do – you just leave out the cycle day element. There will be sections that cover different skills throughout the cycle, but these are all still revelant for menopause. The rituals can be adapted as well. But do be prepared for lots of mesntrual cycle talk and questions. If you want to do this work professionally, it’s an essential module to take.

I don’t teach a module on menopause becuase I (Melanie) am not yet in menopause. I am however in peri-menopase – a powerful transition state.

Does this include fertility or hormone tracking?

No. There’s nothing in the course about fertility awareness or hormones. 

If I can't make some of the live workshops, is there a recording?

Due to the experiential nature of these courses, you have to be present to experience the learning. The workshops will not be recorded – and you have to attend 100% in order to complete the module.

Does the course include working with parents and children for a first blood ceremony?

No, there’s nothing specific in here for that. You will be doing a ‘First Blood’ catch up Ceremony in module 2. This is for adult women. It can be adapted for young women for their first period.

How many women will be in the group?

A maximum of 36. There will be some learning as a whole group, with Melanie, and then for some of the creative exercises and practices, you’ll go into breakout zoom rooms in smaller groups with your qualified Mentors.

Will this run again next year?

Yes, every year a complete cycle of modules will run. 

What's the refund policy?

You are eligble for a full refund up to 2 months before the start date of  the training, You will be refunded the full fee minus an admin fee of £30.

If you cancel up to 1 month before, you will be refunded 50% of the course fee minus a £30 admin fee.

In case of later cancellation or not turning up, no refund will be provided – unless you provide a substitute, in which case the name can be transfered.  If the training is cancelled by The Sacred Womb® Ltd,  you are eligiable for a full refund, or you can transfer to a future module.