Womb Medicine Woman Training Online Course 2020



For women who want to deeply heal their Womb and birth new consciousness for our current times.

Online learning with interactive online workshops. 

Do you feel a deep longing to come home to your Womb and share your unique wisdom with the world?

Dear Sister,

The Womb; The Void within has been in collective hibernation for long enough; inducing shame, imbalance, pain on all levels and estrangement from the body.

We as women are starting to wake up.
We are starting to talk to each other about Periods. However, the time has come for us to dig deeper and remember our Sovereignty as Co-Creators, Visionaries and Birthers of New Consciousness and share this knowledge.

What would happen if all women were educated and initiated into the menstrual mysteries and lived in harmony with our cycle and the cycles of Creation? Women embodying their True Nature will transform the way we live, our health, communities, organisations and dissolve outdated structures.

Dynamic Medicine Women are needed in the world. Women connected to their own Wisdom. Balanced in Their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Women able to educate and empower others about their bodies, cyclic nature and ability to Create.

If you want to be this change and take your part in this wave of awakening, The Medicine Woman Training is a place where you can learn to access and live from your Sacred Womb, receive solid support to birth your own wisdom, then bring it the world your way.


Shamanic Womb Healing Training

Who Is The Womb Medicine Woman Training® For?


If you feel a deep call to come home to your Womb and birth new consciousness for our current times,

The Womb Medicine Woman Training™ is for you.

Women from all around the world join us for this established online training – now in it’s fourth successful year.

Yoga Teachers, Fertility Massage Therapists, Healers, Coaches, Doula’s, Psychologists, Ceremonalists, Writers – and those with a feeling – a longing to do this.

You are welcome to do Year 1 for your own healing process.

Women join to reclaim fragments parts of self, restore their birthright – the natural spiritual pathways encoded within a woman’s body…

To reclaim their Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and gain grounded, embodied tools and sisterhood skills to take to their communities.

If you long to:

– Come home to your seat of power – your Sacred Womb – and operate with the womb – heart – head in alignment.

– Run your own Red Temple / Red Tent / Women’s Circle / Moon Ceremonies

– Support women them to key into the wisdom and guidance of their menstrual cycle. To inhabit the magnificence of their woman’s body.

– Facilitate First Blood & Menarche Ceremonies / Rites of Passage for The Arc Of Womanhood with women and girls.

– Heal your Mother Line & Father Line.

– Reclaim Your Divine Masculine and Activate Your Sacred Womb

– Conceive, Birth & Weave your unique Medicine in the world…your unique way…

you’re in the right place. 

Womb Healing Certificate

The Integrated Woman


Year 1 is all about you. Reclaiming your Womb Centre right from your first bleed, truly befriending your menstrual cycle, healing the womb, clearing fears and restoring your true nature – so that on a day to day basis your life begins to dynamically transform into a magical process unfolding with every menstrual cycle.

Our Totem Spirit is MOUSE. Mouse will be working with you directly in The Lodge, as will other Animal Spirits in each Medicine Bundle. You will be introduced to Mouse and working with Spirit Animals in the Opening Ceremony.

Throughout the training you will be sitting in Circle & Ceremony, navigating your interaction with The Moon, putting into practice progressive Sisterhood skills & and utilising the consciousness of your Womb to navigate daily life.

Mouse Totem Spirit


You’ll start off with simple practices and exercises to set the scene for this training.
The time of self-initiation has come.

Sisterhood Skills Medicine Bundle


First & foremost we create a safe container with solid realtionship skills and a sisterhood code; creating a strong, flexible container enabling trust & depth.

The Medicine Wheel


Medicine Wheels we’ll be using as a map for the menstrual cycle, creativity and personal growth.

First Blood Menarche Ceremony


Celebrating your first period, connecting with your maiden self & reclalibrating your whole menstrual cycle. 

Healing The Mother Wound


Untangling and understanding your attachment, unveiling your truth and leading your own healing process.

Menstrual Cycle Online Course


Attune with & live your cycle as a natural pathway of Personal Growth, Creativity, Self-Care and Spiritual Empowerment.

Reclaiming The Divine Mascuine


The unfathered daughter, owning our primal needs & reclaiming the thing we think we’re not to naturally restore our Divine Feminine.

Menstrual Medicine Library


Guided practices & info to help you attune with The Moon, work with essential oils, clear your womb space, reclaim your womb and more.

Womb Healing Certificate

Womb Medicine Woman®


Now that The Sacred Womb is active, pulsing and you can feel the compassionate nature of it’s conscioussness – what do you do with it?

In the second year, our Spirital Totem is SPIDER. You will be sitting in circle every 2 weeks to conceive, birth and weave your Medicine in the world.

You’ll be doing a professional placement which you will co-create – implementing The Sacred Womb Bundle,  setting up your own circles. ceremonies and weaving this your own way.

Once you’ve completed Year 2, you’ll get access to The Medicine Bundles & Resource Libraries for the lifetime of The Lodge.

Birth Recalibration Course


Shining light on how the process of birth directly influences your creativity and helping you map where you are at in your creative process.

Grandmother Spider


Exploring this matrix upon which our reality is built! Altered states, Chaos, Divine Timing, The Void, Birthing, weaving and grounding new consciousness.

The Red Temple Medicine Bundle


Develop your skills co-facilitating womb-centered practices in a 14 Day Sadhana; get valuable feedback and experience as you start doing this work publicly.

Womb Healing Training


Core ways of being that enable you to birth, weave and sustain your Medicine. Inc; money, shame, technology & using your relationships as rocket fuel.

How To Run Women's Circles


How to run dynamic circles, ceremonies and rites of passage for The Arc Of Womanhood.

Menstrual Cycle Coaching Course


Skills to support women to utilise their cycle as a compass for daily life & pathway of growth and emancipation.

Marketing For Women


Structuring and communicating your work in a way that feels great, is understandable, digestable and engaged with.

Womb Training Library


A library of resources for setting up your business inc. Medicine Training from those that have completed this training.

Shamanic Womb Healing Training

How The Training Looks Practically

Live workshops every 2 weeks during term-time.
These Circles and Ceremonies are to share progress, do womb practices, ‘work the Medicine’ from The Medicine Bundles and emerging group process and get direct support from Melanie.

Weekly partner sessions during term-time.
To exchange support and practice grounded relationship skills, helping re-pattern old coping mechanisms to enjoy fruitful, authentic relationships. Guidance sheets, pairings and videos given.

Online learning through Medicine Bundles.
A mixture of videos, guided meditations & movement practices, workbooks, reading, medicine stories, ceremonies and creative projects.

A library of resources to support your learning.
Inc. practices for the Full, New & Dark Moon, grounding, womb clearing, dissolving fears, working with essential oils and yoni eggs.

A private facebook group where you can all connect and exchange support & learning.

Live Workshops Every 2 Weeks

Weekly Term-Time Partner Practice

Online Learning via Medicine Bundles


Resource Library

Community Private Facebook Group

Shamanic Womb Healing Training

About The Founder & Facilitator Melanie Swan

Melanie is an experienced leader in utilising the menstrual cycle as a woman’s natural compass to heal, awaken and genuinely come home to our seat of independant personal power, The Sacred Womb.

Her ability to birth new consciousness into practical, grounded, embodied, every-day wisdom is the reason many women come to her to restore their Sovereignty and blossom into The Medicine Woman they truly are.

She hosts The Sacred Womb Podcast which is listened to in over 120 countries and works with women to heal stress, trauma and their beautiful womb’s.

Womb Healing Certificate



WEDNESDAY’s @ 16:00 to 18:00 LONDON TIME

that’s: 08:00 PDT, 11:00 EST, 17:00 CST

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September 22nd
October 6th
October 20th
November 3rd
November 17th
November 24th
December 8th

January 6th
January 13th 
January 27th 
February 10th
February 24th
March 10th 
March 24th 

April 21st
May 5th
May 19th
May 26th


Year 1 – £1750 (£1495 early bird) 

Year 2 – £1750 (£1495 early bird)

Early bird available to 31st May. 


1. £1750 in full (£1495 early bird)

2. 12 x payments of £135 (early bird payment plan available to 31st May)

3. 9 x payments of £208

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GROUP SIZE: 25 max

About The Womb Medicine Woman Training®

The training takes place in The Online Moon Lodge – a space that’s been Co-Created with Spirit to provide a safe, supportive space for emerging Medicine Women to come home to their seat of independant personal power, The Sacred Womb.

The Medicine Bundles & workshops in The Lodge will give you the tools to connect with the pathways encoded within your body, so that you can reclaim your cycle and Sovereignty – and do the work you are here to do.

This Womb Medicine Woman Training is for women of any age, with our without a physical Womb who want to incorporate Womb Wisdom into their current practice. e.g. Yoga Teachers, School Teachers, Doulas, Massage Therapists, Psychotherapists, Councillors, Energy Healers – this list in not exhaustive, so whatever your current path – if you feel the call, do apply.

The Training is not for you if….

I want to make sure the training is a good fit for both of us from the start, so here are a few points to be clear about to help you decide if this is for you.

If you’re seeking an online course and don’t want to engage in community or can’t commit to all the live sessions then this isn’t for you. An important part of the training and learning happens in the live circles and community.

This isn’t for you if you’re regularly using substances including marijuana, cannabis, kambo and ayahuasca. Deep healing work, recalibration of the nervous system and genuine Shamanic Journeying require a presence that simply can’t be grounded and integrated effectively with the regular use of substances.

FAQ’s About The Womb Medicine Woman Training®

I've very new to this work, can I still join?

Yes! absolutely, no prior experience is needed. It is however recommended that you listen to The Sacred Womb Podcast and start using The Sacred Womb Personal Almanac to track your menstrual cycle.

How Can I Get A Taste Of This Work?
I'm pregnant, can I join?

It’s not a good idea to be pregnant during Year 1. We’ll be doing deep emotional healing and womb clearing practices and this may trigger miscarriage.

However during Year 2 it’s ok to be pregnant and do the course.

Do I need to attend all of the live workshops?

Yes. However if you are ill and can’t attend, the workshop will be recorded and you can watch the replay and give your reflections.

Can I just do Year 1 for my own healing journey?

Yes you can. 

Is Year 1 A Pre-requisite for Year 2?

Yes it is. 

Can I Do Year 1 then take a break?

Yes, you can complete Year 1 – The Integrated Woman, and then decide if you want to go ahead and do Year 2.

You may find that you want to do Year 2, but at a later time. That is ok, and can be diuscussed in May of Year 1 with Melanie. 

What happens in the Professional Placement?

In Year 2 I arrange a public facing online Sadhana, typically 14 to 21 days long (this depends on the training group size).

During the Sadhana, you will be leading one of the daily practices to connect with the womb. This will be a video *live or pre-recorded* your choice – posted into a Facebook Group for the Sadhana. 

Everything is arranged and set up by Melanie and there will be plenty of time and space to practice and get feedback before we start.