Medicine Woman Wisdom: The Moon Told Me That

Wow! What a year!

9 months of Womb Wisdom, 9 months of gestation, 9 months of letting go, 9 months of connection, 9 months of growth…and now, Year 1 2018 of The Medicine Woman Training group comes to a close. 

The Online Moon Lodge provided an incubator for Medicine Women to heal and awaken to their Womb Centre. A place for all to evolve. When I say all, I mean The Medicine Wheel, Spirit all of us in the circle.

And evolve we did.

We grew together, Medicine Bundle after Medicine Bundle we connected with our Womb, each other and our own gifts.

It’s quite something to sit in a circle of women. For the magic to happen, many components need to come together. Some of them known, some of them not known, and some of them Unknown.

This was the groups final creative piece – a sharing of experience, vulnerability and wisdom that emerged from a deep emotional and energetic exploration into The Sacred Womb.

I invite you to read this with curiosity and with your hands on your Womb, as you read each woman’s unique experience of what it means to live and ground Womb Wisdom into daily life.

Uncovering Womb Wisdom, Nicky Atanasio.

Deciding to join the Moon Lodge was the easy part. It was pretty clear after the first Lodge meeting that I would be working on deeper levels that I wasn’t quite sure I’d be able to access. 

On the surface level, I was looking for a group to hold me accountable to my cycle tracking to help heal my endometriosis naturally, but there was something in me under layers of habitual coping that wanted to be free and allowed to heal and that’s just what has begun to happen in The Lodge.

Cycle tracking has changed how I interact with life.  Learning to work with my natural energy, creativity, and productivity ebbs and flows enables me to design my schedule with my self-care needs in mind.  I am better able to serve my clients on their own womb healing journeys because…

I am now innately connected to and in profound relationship with my own Womb Centre. 

The benefits of cycle tracking have bled out farther into other aspects of my life, making various other cycles clearer and more manageable. Effects of the cycle of the moon, relationships, moods, food cravings, even life & death…. I knew that these were all temporary and come and go, but I have now learned that on a visceral cellular level of my knowledge. 

The Lodge also helped to heal my relationship with women. 

Old wounds and stories surfaced and new awareness gave me a chance to cut old energetic ties.  With all of this growth and evolution, I stand with more true pride, compassion, and clarity about how I want to show up in the world today with the sun, the moon, the light, the dark, and both my divine feminine and masculine flowing towards a sacred balance, and at the centre of it all…

my trusted womb consciousness as my ever present and loving teacher. 

Flowing With My Cycle, Agnieszka Drabek-Prime.

My womb is my centre, my true inner core – the place my strength and wisdom comes from.

When my womb is out of balance my whole being becomes out of balance and it touches my life on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. My moon cycle reflects the cyclicity of nature and is one of many wheels that turn life itself.

Being conscious and staying present in my cycle helps me to stay present in my life. I do so by cycle tracking and by giving up my expectations.

Each cycle is different and each brings me different knowledge and understanding of different aspects of myself. Each one of them brings me closer to uniting the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within.

There are cycles that shake the world as I know it and open doors to different perspectives, but there are also some that flow peacefully letting me rest and look within, gathering inner-wisdom and strength.

I’m open now to let them all in with all the experiences and emotions they wish to bring – pain, blood, joy, sensuality, rise and flow. I allow them day by day and stay mindful of my path through womanhood.

And now I flow with my cycle.

I go within during my moon time and find shelter in my Moon Cave I listen and allow myself to be free and to withdraw. I go out of my shell and shine during ovulation making “impossible” disappear from my dictionary. I rise and descend in harmony with my body.

I listen to my body. I know my body. I am. That’s what the Moon taught me this year.

A Regular Cycle Is Not Everything, Alison McLaren.

I found writing this piece quite challenging as I don’t have a regular cycle and I don’t even know if I ever have (didn’t know that tracking my cycle was such a thing for one, I just instinctively knew when my period would come). 

My intention of attending the training came from a deep instinctual place that I needed to start listening to my womb, and I could start to learn something of myself.

Not going into the challenges, I faced in my own personal life a few months into the lodge but the tools and meditations that Melanie gave helped to ground me and deal with the incredible stresses that were happening, even to the extent that I feel I could cleanse myself from my womb, my womb starting to awaken. I learned that She has this amazing power. 

Melanie’s grounded approach to connecting with the different phases of the moon where both practical and realistic and can be used as part of a self-care routine.  And self-care was probably one of the biggest things I gained and tracked.

As I end my time with the lodge I still don’t have a regular cycle.  

A regular cycle is not everything but what I have done is look deeply as much as I could to reflect on what my experience was growing up with my menstrual cycle and how is this now?  The most important aspect for me is my whole beingness, holistically healing through connection to my womb. 

It’s time to remember too that it is my right to have a healthy menstrual cycle and so will keep carrying on in this path and to delve deeper with my questions that I may not have known. 

And now I’m on The Green Path of herbalism to help in this process, again healing holistically.

Healing With The Moon Lodge, Sam Lyndley.

I believe the previous 17 years of my healing journey has led me to this place; The Moon Lodge! The lodge was ready for me and she pulled me in deep.

The journey has been painful and challenging whilst at the same time, so wonderfully healing and life changing. I have learnt some powerful tools so I can not only heal my own life but also hold space for my sisters to deeply heal too.

During my time in the lodge I decided to stop taking the contraceptive pill and after 7 years of numbing my bleed I reconnected with my womb and by following a daily womb guidance practice, which I learnt in The Lodge I began to listen to the wisdom of my womb and I realised she is a force to be reckoned with!

As we moved through each medicine bundle I felt huge internal shifts, as I healed my inner world, my outer world also began to heal. My work began to shift and I started to take my clients on a much deeper healing journey and they also experienced incredible results.

Being in The Lodge with my Moon Sisters has in itself been healing in so many ways, I feel I’ve began to heal many of my sister wounds and I’ve also learnt how to communicate more effectively as well as authentically which has encouraged connection rather than disconnection; this is changing my world as I allow women to get close to me again after such a long time.

I feel so grateful for allowing myself the gift of this last year, for committing and giving my absolute all, and I thank the Moon lodge, Melanie and my sisters from the bottom of my heart for making this the most beautiful soul evolving journey of my life!

If you’re feeling the call to go deep into your Womb, truly live in the flow of your beautiful cyclic essence and engage in a process of deep healing & transformation, I invite you to come and join us in The Womb Medicine Woman Training™.

Melanie Swan Podcast Host

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Melanie helps women to heal their metaphysical Womb – a woman's epicentre of empowerment and creativity – dissolve old conditioning and reclaim their True nature; to become whole, independent yet interconnected, Sovereign Beings.

She lives in St. Neots, England, hosts The Sacred Womb® Podcast, is currently writing a book and is an avid potter.

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