Many women experience periods as something to be endured or coped with, so that life can go on as ‘normal’ –  and don’t realise that it can be such a deeply cleansing and rejuvenating process if we engage with it rather than trying to go against the bodies natural rhythms of ebb, flow and flood.

Our time of bleeding – Moontime – can be a deeply releasing, sensual and creative experience. I genuinely look forward to my Moontime each month and utilise my cycle as a pathway not only to release what is no longer needed, but also to directly connect with the deep, awesome Mysteries of Feminine Wisdom.

If you’d like to take yourself on this personal journey of discovery, here are 3 practical things you can do to get started.

☽ Change How You Describe Your Period

A great way to begin is to start calling your time of bleeding Moontime
This is so called because our menstrual cycle mirrors the cycle of The Moon.

Making this shift in description reminds us that we are part of nature; part of a bigger cycle of Creation, and when we start to attune with this innate cycle – we begin to come into harmony not only with The Moon, but with our true intrinsic feminine nature.

Moontime is such a contrast to the rather clinical descriptions of period, menstruation or menses – which conjure up a somewhat purely biological function, when it is actually a release on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

Resistance to allowing this process to unfold can create pain, stagnation and uncomfortable physical symptoms.
I encourage you to experiment with what you call your Moontime and find something that feels right for you.

☽ Chart Your Cycle

Chart your menstrual cycle and the moon cycle. You don’t need a fancy chart (although there are some lovely ones available), you can start right now with just your diary and a pen.
Go back a couple of months and find out what phase the moon was in when you started bleeding and when you were ovulating (around day 14 of your cycle).

Do you notice any patterns? do you bleed on/near the Full or New Moon? Then simply notice the patterns over the coming months. It’s really important to remember that there’s no right or wrong time to bleed. Every woman is different ~ every cycle is different.

Use the free menstrual cycle tracker below to chart your cyclical nature with joy and creativity!

☽ Plan Some Quality Time Just For You

Do you give this to yourself every month? Can you imagine how you’d feel if you did?!

Mark your next Moontime in your diary and make space for yourself, even if it’s just an evening or afternoon to start with,

where you can simply BE and do as YOU please. 

Personally, I really – really look forward to Moontime every month, as I know I create a deep Sacred Space to do whatever I please for 3 days. I clear my schedule, I don’t work, I do my food shopping, cleaning and any practical stuff beforehand so that I really can rest, be creative, lie with a hot water bottle, watch cheesy movies, do hip stretches, draw, take long baths….anything that takes my fancy. Any wonder I love it!

Again, I encourage you to experiment and do what feels right for you.

How do you think your life would change if you embraced your Moontime?