‘Observing The New Moon and Her steady growth helps us to attune with our menstrual cycle at the point we -emerge out of Moontime – when it can be tempting to get straight back in the game.

New beginnings are within and all around us.

The sunrise each day,

the first birdsong of spring,

and the crescent of silver light that is a New Moon – reminding us that the cycle of life continues.

Within the Universal cycle, we have the cycle of our own lives ~ birth, childhood, adulthood, elderhood.

And within this, our menstrual cycle ~

new seed, gestation, fruition, birth/release.

This cycle of creation that we as women embody can be utilised not only for the creation of physical life, but also for releasing the old, and for the birthing of new consciousness.


It’s important to remember the whole cycle.

‘Weeding the ground’ before we set new intentions is often skipped over, and as such, our intentions may come to fruition somewhat confused or diluted.

The Moon goes Void before it renews. The Dark Moon is just before the New Moon.

Here’s a Dark Moon Ceremony and meditation to clear space.

The New Moon and The Menstrual Cycle

As our Menstrual Cycle is a mirror of The Moon Cycle – the corresponding point in our cycle is when have just finished bleeding.

Our Womb is empty and we are starting to come out of our ‘Moontime Cave’ back into our outer world.

During this phase we might be tempted to re-emerge ‘all guns blazing’, heading straight back into doing from our being state.

This is a crucial point because we can spend all our energy in a few days and run out of juice for the rest of our cycle.

Learning to manage our energy at this point is a real friend.

We can take our cues from Nature on how to Be with our cycle.
And so we look, once again, to Grandmother Moon.

The New Moon is a slither of silvery light in the night sky. The next night, there is a little more – each night showing a little more of Her light. Steadily, gradually building to Her peak at The Full Moon.

And this is how we can manage our energy. Gradually emerging, steadily speeding up, meeting out outer world step by step.

The cultural pressure is for us to get back to normal. With the normal being linear and on all the time.

To dissolve this system that we call patriarchy, we as women can own our part in it and go with our own flow. We can commit to living aligned with our cycle. For we are all makers of the patriarchy, and so we all have the Power to Create something else more fruitful.

I encourage you Dear Sister – Sacred Creature of La Luna
to make a commitment to yourself this cycle,
to track and follow your own flow…and notice the difference.


It is not necessary that our menstrual cycle synchronises with The Moon Cycle in a specific way.

Simply note where you are at in your menstrual cycle and experience how your cycle and The Moon energy at this point interacts.

New Moon Ceremony

  • SET UP THE SPACE – put on some incense, or light a fire outside and arrange the space so that you have space to think clearly and be Creative.
    (you can download one below)
    It is a chant to the The East – The New Moon – the place of new beginnings.
    Sing along, drum, rattle, dance, go for it!
    Get clear about what you’d like to create or work with this cycle.
    I recommend focusing on one main intention. That seems to me most effective.

I personally ask that my intention is added to by Spirit – giving a wider perspective on my intention – to take me further than my current consciousness can conceive. 

This allows me to become open to the process of Co-Creation.

  • WRITE YOUR INTENTION DOWN then place your hands on your womb and put that new seed of thought within you. Then do all you can over the coming cycle to nurture that intention.
  • As the energy of your intention grows, it will begin to dislodge those thoughts/feelings within that are not a vibrational match. So if you feel fears coming up around your intention not happening just yet but you are taking aligned action, then your cycle is doing its job.
  • Creation has it’s own pace and we have to do our part.
  • FACE AND DISSOLVE ANY FEARS as they arise and thank your cycle/deeper psyche for bringing them to your attention. Aim to melt them in whatever way works for you.
  • Close by giving thanks for 3 things in your life that you’re grateful for.

A reminder that all over the world, women are waking up to their true nature and are setting their intentions with you each New Moon or at the beginning of a fresh new Menstrual Cycle.

Give thanks for any support you feel you’ve received and take some deep, slow, long breaths.

Become more aware of your surroundings and if you have a candle burning, blow it out and tidy away your tools and arrange the room as it would be in daily life.

You may want to journal, draw, move. Whatever comes, give it expression.

Wishing you a clear and refreshing Ceremony. x

Melanie Swan Podcast Host

About Melanie Swan

Melanie helps women to heal their metaphysical Womb – a woman's epicentre of empowerment and creativity – dissolve old conditioning and reclaim their True nature; to become whole, independent yet interconnected, Sovereign Beings.

She lives in St. Neots, England, hosts The Sacred Womb® Podcast, is currently writing a book and is an avid potter.

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