Podcast Interviews

I LOVE being interviewed and I’m delighted you want me on your show! Here are some topics I love to talk about – all menstrual cycle, trauma healing and women’s empowerment related. The menstrual cyclePeri-menopauseThe divine masculineThe myth of the inner criticWhy feminine rising is keeping us stuckThe power of rest during our periodsHealing multi-dimensional traumaWhat is womb healingHealing the … Read more

Return A Menstrual Blood Give-Way Prayer

Self-Initiation: Reclaiming The Womb

Through oceans of time, women have looked outside of ourselves for their spiritual path and autonomy over our own bodies. However, there IS a movement of consciousness that wants to redress this imbalance. In order to actualise this, we must make the changes within and take responsibility for our own body, empowerment, and evolution.

The Sacred Womb Book

The Sacred Womb Book Is Coming

The Sacred Womb Book will redirect women from looking outside themselves for their power – to a source within that is Divinely designed.

A Womans Seat Of Power Is Her Womb FI

A Woman’s Seat Of Power Is Her Womb

A woman’s power source has always been with The Great Mother. Throughout history, mankind has sought to sever this connection because it’s essence is of the dark and the mysterious, the void beyond rational explanation. It is untamed, free, wild and uninhibited, both from social and moral conditioning.  We have become fearful of the power of the dark; the feminine … Read more

The Sacred Womb Book

I am currently writing a book. At its core, it is a handbook for the empowerment of womankind. It will give you the information and practical skills to reconnect with your physical womb – and live in harmony with your menstrual cycle; your metaphysical womb, for personal creativity and fulfilment; and The collective womb, to birth new consciousness for collective evolution.  In essence, this book will … Read more

The Toxic truth About Tampons Podcast

The Toxic Truth About Tampons

I discuss why tampons are so toxic to our physical and emotional health, the antidote to ‘stuff one in and get on with it’ and some amazing alternatives that promote overall health AND creativity!

Transitions As Portals To Power

8 Ways To Use Transitions As Portals To Power

Transitioning from one state of being to another is like being between gears. It’s a natural opportunity to recalibrate and reorganise ready for the next gear and get more in touch with our natural essence.