Clear The Womb From Past Lovers


A guided exercise to clear your womb space of the energy of past lover(s).

We absorb and store energy in our Womb Centre from past experiences, lovers and from collective projections.

Clearing our womb space helps us to move on from relationships more easily and hear messages from our Womb Centre more clearly.

For us as women, being able to clear our womb is a dynamic, simple and practical skill to have in our toolkit of awakening and empowerment.

This guided practice will gently take you through a process to clear the energy of a past lover and have you feeling more connected to your Womb.

Length: 24 minutes.



The optimum time to do this exercise is during the pre-ovulation and ovulation phases of the menstrual cycle. This is approximately between days 7 (when you have stopped bleeding) and day 20 (when you transition into the pre-menstrual phase).
Do not do this practice during menstruation.
This practice can sometimes trigger menstruation.

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