Connect With The Joy of Your Cycle


A free 15 minute guided meditation to connect with the joy of your true feminine essence, your cyclical nature.


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  1. Beth (verified owner)

    Ohhhh…This meditation leaves me feeling so refreshed and full of hope. I love the way it grounds me and connects me to the earth and to life.
    The accompanying music is soothing and comforting, and at the same time raises me up and leaves me upbeat and full of optimism.
    What a lovely experience!

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Track Your Menstrual Cycle

Use this to gorgeous mandala to track your menstrual cycle, the moon phase, your colour and symbol for the day, plus the date - serving as a natural compass for authenticity, self-care and creativity in daily life. 

Thank you. Your details have been received. Your Cycle Tracker PDF will be in your inbox very soon. Melanie.

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