Track Your Cycle & Connect With The Womb, Online Sadhana.



Sunday 13th October – 3rd November

A 21 Day online Sadhana to track the currents of your menstrual cycle, connect with the consciousness of your womb and live in harmony with your cyclical nature!

You will experience:

– How to genuinely track your menstrual cycle and use it as a compass in daily life
– How to connect with and listen to your womb’s consciousness
– Practical tools for different phases of your cycle
– Track, feel and utilise the interaction between The Moon and The Menstrual Cycle

Additional information or adjusted practices will be added as and when relevant based on the natural energetic flow and requirements of the group.

This Sadhana is co-facilitated with the Year 2 group of The Womb Medicine Woman Training™ with each woman brining her own direct realisations and Medicine to the group.

We begin on The Full Moon and the 13th of the month – a Powerful number for Women’s empowerment.

Once you register, you will be sent a link to join The Sadhana Facebook Group, along with a PDF Cycle tracker to download and print out.

There will be daily practice videos Monday to Friday, released at 8am UK time. There will also be a live video on Sundays at 10am with Melanie to introduce the theme and practice for the week, and to answer your questions.



What will the format of The Sadhana be? Daily practice videos are released at 8am UK time Monday to Friday. There will be a live video with Melanie on Sundays at 10am UK time. How do I access The Sadhana? The Sadhana runs in a private Facebook Group. You will receive the link to join once you register. Do I have to be online at a specific time? No. You don’t have to be online at any specific time. All the videos will be available throughout the Sadhana to watch whenever you want, at your own pace. Whatever time zone you are in, you can do this practice whenever you want *although in the morning is usually better* and go at your own pace What if I can’t commit to a daily practice? That’s ok! It’s important to start where you’re at. Just pick a video that resonates, and do that for a week, or even the whole Sadhana. Will the videos / practices be different every day? The Sadhana runs for 21 days; that’s 3 weeks. The format will be as follows: WEEK 1: Core practice to track the menstrual cycle and connect with the womb WEEK 2: Extension of the core practice to include attuning to The Moon and feeling the interaction with your menstrual cycle WEEK 3: Variations of the core practice that will be adapted to the groups needs and inspiration as it flows. This is where the magic happens! Each Medicine Woman leading the practice will be sharing their unique wisdom and experience. Who will be facilitating the practices? Every Sunday, Melanie will be introducing the theme for the week, leading a practice and answering questions on a live video at 10am UK time. Naturally, the video will be available for you to watch afterwards whenever you want to. Monday to Friday the practices will be facilitated by members of Year 2 of The Womb Medicine Woman Training™. These awesome women bring a wealth of experience including spiritual mentoring, energy healing, breathwork and Doula-ing! You’ll be in very safe hands Do I track my cycle using an app? You can if you prefer. However, once you’ve registered you’ll get a gorgeous cycle tracker PDF to download and print to use throughout the Sadhana and beyond. When do I need to register? ASAP! Registration closes at 9.30am UK time on Sunday 13th October. Any further questions, feel free to contact me at