Self Initiation Ceremony

This can be done alone or with friends to mark your commitment to yourself and to reconnect with your cycle.

The Sacred Ceremony Of The Circle

You can do this at any point in your cycle that feels right and appropriate.

To begin with, buy a gift for yourself, from The Great Mother.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that nurtures you and reminds you of your intention.

This could be a new journal, moon phase chart, an item for your alter or anything you feel good about.

The ceremony signifies the beginning of a new cycle of awareness and self-acknowledgement.

Here are a couple of chants and exercises you may like to use.

The River Is Flowing is a gentle sweet chant that helps us remember our flow.

Not just of blood, but of our deep nature. It’s helpful to consider the source of our blood when listening to this, how it builds and releases….what is being released and where does it go.

If you feel inclined, this is a lovely chant to listen to whilst in Moontime, sitting on a towel or the earth, allowing the flow of blood into the greater river of life.

If you use natural cotton pads, you can also rinse them out and use the blood water to water your plants.

We are a circle brings about the awareness that on doing this ceremony, you are doing what women have been doing since we came into form.

Creation moves in circles, in spirals. As do we. Connecting with our own circle – cycle – we align with Universal movement.

Dance as you intuit, sing with the women and feel the drum beat, the heart beat of Mother Earth.

Use this beat to awaken the potential of your cycle and innate gifts.


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