The Blood Tales; Feminine Magic & Erotic Wisdom

‘The revolution does indeed lie in-between blood kissed thighs.’
Kate Joyner

Kate Joyner joins us on The Podcast to share her one woman show, The Blood Tales.

She talks us through how she became a vessel to express this paradigm shifting performance and shares one of the 13 poems from the show.

This is truly not to be missed!

Listen to the end where Kate shares a practice to do during Moontime in order to bring our own wisdom through.

About The Blood Tales:

The Blood Tales is a one woman show that will transport you to depths of the Mystery carried inside. Bringing into consciousness that which has been banished to the deep dark shadow’s, the performance will cause you to rethink what you thought you knew about woman’s blood.

Deeply provocative, sensual and political, the performance will awaken parts of you you never knew existed. It will turn you on to a different reality and show you that the revolution does indeed lie in-between blood kissed thighs.

The show is a calling to remember. It’s a transmission of feminine magic and erotic wisdom all in one basket. It’s where the feminine and art come into form and create lasting imprints of the matrix of creation.

It’s a rewiring of the shame and disgust. It’s a reclaiming of the magic and power of woman’s body. It’s a truth telling, way slaying, paradigm altering performance.

About Kate

Lover of all things wild, Kate Joyner, aka Silver Moon Poetry dares to bring to the forefront that which has been left to fester in the dark shadows. Known for her courage to venture where most don’t dare to tread, Silver Moon brings shadow to the light of day through her bold and sensual theatre performances and mentorship sessions.

Having explored various cultures across the globe and trained extensively in the art of Soul, through Gestalt Psychotherapy, Shamanic Practice, Wilderness Based Soul Initiation Guiding, Deep Feminine Facilitation and Soul Theatre, she brings deep alchemical magic to those who want to remember their power and potency on the journey to Soul.

Her love for the mystical is what moves her to continually step outside of her comfort zone into unchartered territory as a visionary, artist and soul guide. She invites others to join simply by being in her presence. Her heart is continually cracked open by her love for this Earth and her tears are fuel for her fire. She’s a devoted agent of cultural renaissance and believes the revolution happens at the core of each individual soul.

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Melanie Swan Podcast Host

Melanie Swan

Melanie is an internationally renowned expert in the menstrual cycle and restoration of The Sacred Womb.

She’s an experienced Trauma Therapist, and has worked with 1,000’s of people across cultures & spiritual traditions, both 1:1 and in groups. 

She hosts The Sacred Womb Podcast, and founded The Womb Medicine Woman Training®, which she has been running for the last 7 years.

She lives in Koh Samui, Thailand with her adorable kitties; Sophia and Lyra.


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