Embody The Consciousness Of Your Womb 21 Day Sadhana

8 x MP3 guided practices
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A 21 day Sadhana to connect with and embody the consciousness of your womb.

8 downloadable practices taking you through a 21 day journey to connect with and communicate with your womb, to receive your deepest wisdom directly from within.

Days 1-3: Energise your womb centre
Days 4-6: Greeting & drawing your womb
Days 7-9: Sounding your womb
Days 10-12: Womb-heart-head discernment
Days 13-15: Messages from the womb
Days 16-18: Communing with your womb
Days 19-21: Aligning your womb-heart-head
BONUS: Day 22: Anointing your womb

Each guided practice is 10 minutes and contains light background music.

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