Track Your Menstrual Cycle Guided Practice

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This practice will guide you to:

  • Drop into and energise your womb centre
  • Connect with the consciousness of your womb
  • Get a message of guidance from your womb for the day
  • Connect the river of energy between your womb, heart and head to align your daily actions with your inner wisdom.

Tracking you menstrual cycle this way allows you to EMBODY the wisdom of your womb. It's a way of cycle tracking that's unique to you, and you will find that the consciousness of your womb is able to give insights beyond every day awareness.

This practice also increases a sense of intimacy with yourself, and when practiced over time, will help to restore and/or strengthen your core intuition.

Includes an 8 minute downloadable mp3 with ambient background meditative sound, and a downloadable pdf with the practice written out.

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