Womb Healing Practice

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A guided practice to heal the womb centre.

Medicalisation, intrusion and objectification of a woman's reproductive system can have us unknowingly less connected to our own body. This often leads to a loss of trust and ability to guide our own healing from within.

Healing our womb involves claiming and feeling all parts of our womb centre; the ovaries, egg tubes, womb, cervix and yoni as parts of us, parts of our body for which we have ownership and Sovereignty.

This guided womb healing meditation will help you connect with and feel your womb centre again as you name, reclaim and integrate each part of your Womb Centre.

This is a very powerful practice that will move old emotional charge, increase energy, sensation and intuition and have you feeling more at home in your body.

1 x 8 minute introduction and commentary to the practice.

1 x 30 minute mp3 guided womb healing meditation.

After doing this practice your period may be heavier and include clots or darker blood as the womb has more energy available to naturally clear itself.

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