The Moon has a magnetic pull on us physically and psychically, and we can harmonise with this process by practicing womb work in tune with Her cycles. When The Moon is closer to Earth, the magnetic pull is stronger and thus the effect on us is more potent. Our personal growth can be accelerated if we get into our bodies and open to her Magic.’

In this episode I talk about how we can utilise the SuperMoon to accelerate our Personal Growth by:

  • getting into our bodies,
  • retrieving wisdom
  • letting The Moon’s magnetism pull out fear based emotional charge.

Download the free practice below to do during the build up and on The Super Moon. 

This is also helpful during Full Moon’s. 

Also check out the article ‘How We Can Use The Eclipses To Help Us Grow’

This is our time!!


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Stress, Trauma & Womb Healing: Getting to the root of all forms of stress & trauma to safely process out the root pain that causes life-interfering defense responses to form. Inc. early attachment work, one’s own in-utero and birth experience, menstrual cycle symptoms, fears / patterns that keeping looping around and generational / past life resolution.

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