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Ruby Red Slippers, A Ode To The Womb Witch

A Menstrual Medicine Poem Meaning the words come with an energy that are helpful for our Sacred Womb Centre. I recommend reading, feeling, hearing the words and noticing if and how your womb responds. See the Womb Witch zoom Across the midnight sky Wearing just ruby red slippers And a twinkle in her eye With the blood of her Womb The rubiest of reds That magical potion Streaming down her legs With no longer a care For opinions or rules She unleashes a cackle Felling ignorance and fools See the Womb Witch soar There’s no stopping her now Off...

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The Unknowable

The Dark and The Shadow and The Light
All combined to weave a web
That makes us blind to Moonlight Star and Glowing Sunset.
The newborn child cries for The Mothers breast
Seek that which is Unknown…

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The Moon – A Menstrual Medicine Poem

In her Moontime, of ebb and flow and flood Coursing through The Heavens Illuminating the dark hidden secrets of Feminine Wisdom Releasing these on a flood-tide of remembrance Of our connection with The Earth, our Mother And The Universe. The Sire, not only of Creation, In Union with The Feminine, The Awesome Everything. By THE SACRED WOMB...

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It’s Time To Shine, An Empowerment Medicine Poem

See The Moon shine Regardless of phase This is your time beauty To shine in all ways. No more push on regardless No more have to’s or should’s This is your time beauty To be as wild as wild woods. From the depths of your soul Go with your flow This is your time beauty Let go, let go, let go. Your womb is the void From which you create This is your time beauty To connect and activate Be lovingly ruthless As you intuit your way This is your time beauty Don’t waste another day. So shine beauty,...

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